One Meal Per Day

Many years ago I gave up breakfast because I was told by my trainer friend that I should be intermittent fasting. At first it felt like a big imposition, but after a few days I didn’t feel hungry at breakfast time any more.

Even better, it allowed me to get to work earlier and to do so while drinking tea. I’m not sure I noticed any benefits from intermittent fasting, but I really appreciated the convenience.

Last year a friend of mine who had discovered a new enthusiasm for health and getting in shape began to talk about how much he liked fasting. He would do it for 24 hours once each week. I decided to give it a try and found that it was another level-up in convenience from skipping only breakfast.

After a bunch of research I determined that doing it regularly wouldn’t just not kill me, but it could actually be good for health and longevity. I started doing it every day I was in Vegas. At first it seemed like my body fat went down a little bit, but it plateaued quickly and I don’t feel that it has significantly changed how I look.

I absolutely love the convenience of it. I wake up and make tea and then don’t think about any sort of meal until six or seven. If I’ve been traveling and have been eating two meals while away, I’ll sometimes get hungry by about 4:30. Most days I’m medium level hungry by six.

To get some extra calories to make up for the missing meals I started getting chips and queso with my Chipotle salad, but recently began making large batches of vegetable soup that I freeze in individually portioned sizes. No point in getting tons of calories from corn chips.

I’m on a cruise now and may experiment with it here as well. I intended on doing that today, but then there were lobster rolls for lunch, and there’s just no chance I’m turning down lobsters. I ate twelve tails for dinner last night.

I’ve been doing one meal a day while in Vegas (50% of my time) for about a year now and I wanted to wait for a while before writing about it to see if there were any weird side effects or downsides to it, but I haven’t found any. I absolutely love the convenience of not having to think about two or three meals per day, I’m saving money, and it just might end up being good for me. As with anything health-related you should do your own research, but one meal a day might be worth looking into.


Photo is a lobster dinner on a cruise.

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