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The Open Road

I'm lying in bed in the RV right now. Yes, I still live here and love it, but that's another story. The only difference between tonight and a normal night is that my bed is flying down the highway at 60mph, headed for the east coast.

My esteem friends and colleagues, Jonah and Krystal, are accompanying me on my first actual road trip in the RV. We're going through the scary bits of America as quickly as possible (Arkansas, for example), and are trying to get to NYC before Krystal's flight on Monday.

I'm going to hopefully meet up with Ross Jeffries, the first "pickup artist" to ever teach seminars, in New York before he leaves. Online he sometimes comes off like a prick, but in real life he's one of the most warm and genuine guys in the community. I'm also going to stop by and say hi to my aunt, uncle, three cousins, and my grandparents who are visiting them.

9. My brain on stimulants (part1)

On The Itinerant Tern

I had an original thought about a year ago. It was wonderful.

Back then I was reading everything I could find on nomads. Something about that approach to life sounded right to me. One day on Wikipedia, I ran across the term "existential migration" (a term coined by Greg Madison, PhD), and my world instantly started making sense for the first time. I'm what you would call an "outsider". No matter what is going on in my life, I always feel like I don't/shouldn't belong. I have done my best to attempt to fit my square peg into regular round society, but it always felt uncomfortable. My urge is to go against the grain, do new and unexpected things. I want to experience all of the atypical in this world.

Now I find out about this entire group of people who share my point of view. It was a huge relief. Now I know that I belong and am not alone. This group consists of people who chose to be nomadic for no other reason than to not belong. They thrive by voluntarily leaving their homelands in order to become out-of-place in their environment. Madison's research found that "among this population, there is a marked preference for the strange and foreign over the familiar or conventional routines."

They leave in order to escape the ordinary. Great. I started to understand myself a little better now that I finally had a social mirror to look into. Later I would read this book called The Power Of A Habit, and an explosion occurred in my brain.

I'll get to that next time...

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