8 Things You Don’t Really Have to Do

We grow up being told what to do and what not to do and can’t wait until we’re adults and can do whatever we want. When we finally get there, there are new people like bosses, cool people on TV, and the government who try to tell us what to do again.

I don’t mind getting into a little trouble here and there, so I tend to push the envelope a bit. However, even if you want to stay on the right side of the law, here are a few things that you probably THINK you have to do, but don’t really.

  1. Write in tip amounts You can just put the total amount and completely ignore the top box. Do you really think they’re not going to figure out how much it is? If you have super messy writing you might want to write it in to make sure they understand the amount, but if you aren’t a 2nd grader, you’re probably fine.
  2. Stop at stop signs in parking lots These signs aren’t actually legal signs. Have you noticed how they’re often not the same size or material? That’s because they’re made by the property owners. They’re as legally valid as me putting a crosswalk in the middle of my living room. So if it’s late and no one else is in the parking lot, just drive past them. It’s exhilarating.
  3. Check out at hotels There’s no real benefit to checking out at hotels. You’ve paid for a night and they’re expecting that you’ll be gone by the time you said you’d be gone. Just leave.
  4. Letting stores check your receipts You know those stores like Best Buy or Fry’s who treat you like a potential shoplifter after you leave and want to verify your receipts at the door? They have no right to do it! The worst is when there’s a huge line and they expect you to wait there. Just walk past and say “no thanks” when they go to look at your receipt. They legally have to let you go. The one exception are “clubs” like Costco where you’ve agreed to allow this in your membership agreement.
  5. Signing credit card receipts with your real name You’re probably supposed to sign it, but do you really think you’re not going to get charged if you write something else? I once drew a mountain range, a lake, and an indian in a canoe that was being eaten by a huge shark. When the cashier insisted I sign my name I just wrote “artwork by Tynan” at the bottom. The charge went through.
  6. Give your phone numbers and address when buying things This is a pet peeve of mine. Stores (RADIOSHACK!) always ask for your info so that they can send you tons of junk. I just tell them that I don’t want to give it to them, and they never refuse to sell to me.
  7. Writing out the numbers on checks How annoying is it to write out “Four thousand three hundred fifty two dollars and XX/100”? I hate it. Instead just write “————–4352.00———–“. The chances that someone is going to try to tamper with your check are basically nil. Especially if you’re writing a check to some company.
  8. Get oil changes every 3000 miles The ideal amount of time between changes is actually about 4000-5000 miles, but motor oil companies have pushed the 3000 mile thing to sell more oil.

Have any more to add? Put them in the comments and I’ll add good ones here!

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  1. I agree with all of these except the first. When we adjust the tips at the end of the night, that is, we manually enter each tip amount on the receipt, we enter in the actual dollar amount of the tip. Not the tip + price total. Sure we could do the math, but it’s really helpful that you enter it in, in the standard format.

  2. 9. Let cops into your house/car. This is more of a civil rights thing, and if you’re good you’ll probably never have to deal with it, but unless the police have a damn good reason to search your stuff you can tell them no.

    10. Drive in gear. If you have a manual transmission, you can coast along in neutral to save gas. Actually, I have no idea if it really saves that much gas, but I like to think it does.

    11. Show I.D. to get on airplanes. I’ve never not done this (i.e. I always have shown I.D.) but there’s no law saying you have to have it. You have rights! They will, however, look through your crap and hassle you, but feel free to give it a shot if only to make a point.

  3. I love these kinds of tips! Thanks, Tynan.

    One to add: Some people believe that your vehicle has to cross the intersection before the traffic light turns red, but that’s not true. As long as the front of your car ENTERS the intersection before the light turns red, you’re fine.

  4. Fall down if you get shot. Most people think bullets literally knock you off your feet, but it’s not true. Just psychological baby! Zing.

  5. Lets see here, I do the stop sign one at a parking lot here in the town that I live in. This particular stop sign is completely stupid to have where it is as there is no sane way that some one would hit you any ways.

    I’ve had some fun with signing credit card receipts and no one has ever said a thing, even when I wrote “this is not my name.”

    I also follow the rule of about 5000 miles before an oil change, my step-dad started me on this and I figured since he does work with construction machines and does the same with his trucks I can trust him about it.

  6. I looked up Tennessee code on the stop light issue and found this: “(2) Yellow alone or “Caution,” when shown following the green or “Go” signal:

    (A) Vehicular traffic facing the signal is thereby warned that the red or “Stop” signal will be exhibited immediately thereafter and such vehicular traffic shall not enter or cross the intersection when the red or “Stop” signal is exhibited;”

    This is Tennessee code 55-8-110 from this website: http://michie.lexisnexis.com

    Wouldn’t this mean you can’t cross the intersection when the stop light is Red? Therefore, if you were in the intersection (entered while yellow) and it turned red you would be violation of this code.

    Of course, I know someone who fell in this situation, defended themselves in court by saying how can someone possibly time the yellow? They were in the intersection while the light was yellow and the light turned red before they cleared the intrersection. If they tried to stop for the light, they would have stopped in the middle of the intersection. The judge agreed with them and gave them the ticket anyway.

    I’m not disagreeing with Wolfy’s comment. I think what Wolfy is saying should be the interpretation of the code. However, this situation seems to fly in the face of this. Or the judge interpretated the code incorrectly.

  7. About Wolfy’s comment- I know in Los Angeles at least, they have those photo-enforced intersections, and if the light turns red while you are still in the intersection it snaps a picture of your plates and costs you 300 bucks. So, I’m not sure about that one.


  8. Follow those damn yellow speed limit signs like on on and off ramps to the freeway. They are suggested, only white speed limit signs are enforcable. Floor it.

  9. You don’t have to use checks from a checkbook. as long as whatever you use has your bank acct and routing number, the bank has to honor it. I’ve heard from multiple people about a block of wood someone used at the local bank (one of them is chairman of the board for the bank too!)

  10. It may vary, but for the sake of drivers everywhere this should be agreed upon by all cities/jurisdictions everywhere. Drivers should be focusing on driving and not on what the rules are for that particular area. Brings up the whole whether the rule is for safety or revenue for the jurisdiction. Sorry, I’m pulling this comment thread off topic…

  11. You don’t have to…

    …be Responsible in order to be successful.
    …solve all your problems in order to be happy.
    …clean your house that often.
    …be nice to your boss (even if you want to keep the job).
    …work much.
    …be honest without a good reason.
    …sleep 8 hours a day to feel rested.
    …drink 8 glasses of water a day to be hydrated.
    …be married to be fulfilled.
    …have kids to be fulfilled.
    …use your turn signal when nobody’s behind you, or when you’re in a left-turn-only or right-turn-only lane.

    Yikes, once I get going it’s hard to stop.
    But I’ll stop.

    ps: obviously these things have exceptions and devils in details and what not. I claim no responsibility for lost jobs, dehydration or anything else in that goes on in the lives of people I don’t know for that matter.

    pps: good post Tynan 🙂

  12. Oh, remembered another traffic one:

    You don’t have to wait for a green light to make a left turn from a ONE WAY street onto a ONE WAY street. As long as you come to a stop first, and there’s no sign prohibiting such a turn, you can go for it.

    I didn’t realize that one until I looked it up a few years ago. And, again, it’s possible some city somewhere doesn’t allow you to do this, so check with your local authorities first.

  13. I don’t know about #3. Personally I’d want to check my bill before leaving the hotel to make sure there are no strange charges. Some hotels just slip a receipt under the door at night and let you leave your key in your room anyway for quick check out.

    As for #5, you should. Or I should put it that the store should enforce it because if you don’t you can contest the charge. The store would lose as they don’t have your signature on file as it matches your credit card.

    As for #4 and #6, YES, YES, YES! No one should do these things. Except at Costco as when you get a Costco card you sign an agreement stating that you give the store permission to check your receipt. Anyplace else, EVERYONE should refuse to give over personal info or their receipt as it’s an invasion of privacy and there is nothing the store can do to you if you say no.

  14. Take too much shit from anyone. Don’t buy into their frame and mentality. Snap back to what YOU believe in and tell them to stop trying to fuck with you. I’ve called out 2 people in a lost month who tried to claim some bullshit on me..both are now much nicer. People are usually afraid of (especially bosses and strangers) so they don’t keep these guys in check like everyone.

    – another one is take anyone’s opinion too seriously. I wear red pajama pants (ty’s seen em) ..they have a hole 12 inches long in my thigh..and martini glasses pained on em. I wear them to school/gym/dates. I do not care. Girls especially love them, but if someone asks me how i can do this – I say “because I can”..what kind of silly question is this?

  15. Dennis, you’re right (with not taking shit from anyone). Sometimes you can change people by calling them out. Other times people are so stubborn (or stupid) that you just have to dismiss them if they don’t acknowledge that you called them out.

  16. One I just figured out…

    You don’t have to pay traffic tickets. Just fight them every time and you’ll have a really good chance of not paying it.

    I got pissed at the cop who wrote me a ticket because he was rude. Once I get set on revenge watch out! >:-)

    So, I waited until I was notified of a court date and then proceeded to use the open records act to request to see his radar detector (he refused to show it to me), to review his notes (there are none), calibration logs for the gun (there are none), request training logs for when he was last trained on the radar gun (there are none), etc…

    Then, whenever I get a notification of a court date I fax the court clerk with an excuse as to why I can’t make that court date and ask for another date. They court dates are every 2 months. After 3 times now it’s been about 7 months since the ticket was written. I plan on delaying indefinitely. If they call me on it, I’ll show up at court with my notes (written the evening of the ticket) and, if the cop still happens to work there and he happens to show up at the court that date…I’ll object as soon as anyone mentions my speed since the evidence is inadmissable (no training on the gun, not calibrated, no notes about an event that occurred a really long time ago).

    Ergo, I don’t have to pay if I don’t want to and either do you!


  17. Josh – Great one! I’m just waiting to get a speeding ticket so that I can do that too. There’s an awesome web site somewhere that tells you everything you need to know about it.

  18. Too bad 99% of the time none of that shit actually works.

    Sorry guys. Some cops will laugh in your face if you ask them when their gun was last calibrated

  19. The coasting in neutral thing can be a very bad idea. Many transmissions have their lubrication pumps attached to the drive shaft, so will be running dry while in neutral.

  20. … obey private speed limit signs, especially if they are not divisible by 5 or 10.

    … wear shoes while driving. It is an urban legend that it is illegal to drive barefoot.

    … write your account number on checks that you mail. What a pain. I did this for a year or 2, haven’t in decades.

    I change my oil every 7000 or so miles. The rental car companies use 6500. My RAV4 has 225,000+ miles, still running fine (routine repairs only).

    Regarding speed gun calibration (and the poster who said the cop would laugh), the cop doesn’t matter (duh). You bring this issue up in court. It works fairly often.

    I have heard the same warning about driving in neutral that was brought up.

  21. I don’t know if I am being a complete bitch or not, but your idea of “not writing in the tip amount” in #1 is not exactly true. I’m a waitress and bartender and when (drunk) customers fill out their tab slips, we have to adjust the tip amount on our credit card machines, and according to payment regulations, we are supposed to adjust our tips according to the “tip” portion, not the “total” portion… If you ever got drunk and wanted to leave a $10 tip but accidentally left a $100 tip in the total (exaggeration, but you get the point) you could be screwing yourself… From the flip side of the industry, I recommend filling out the “tip” line.

  22. Ok, you dont have to leave a waitress a tip ever, they usually wont find out til later anyway. Thats only if you plan on not going back to that place for awhile also being a complete asshole.

  23. but don’t push your car’s limits too much if you’re not going to change the oils..

    Sometimes it’s polite to check out from hotel so they know when to clean.

  24. LOL

    My VW does 20,000 miles between oil changes.
    The big oil and motor companies are taking the piss out of US citizens, suckers!

  25. One thing I would add is contests not licensed by the government (i.e., lotteries). By law, no company can ask you to buy something in order to qualify for some prize. That is why it always says in the fine print of the ticket “no purchase necessary.” So anytime a company is offering a prize, just write to them and ask for a free ticket. If they refuse, you can take them to court for running an illegal lottery.

  26. Whoever said you don’t have to obey private speed limit signs, I’m not so sure about that. I live in a private, gated community where the speed limit is posted as 30, and we frequently have cops hiding out, waiting to pull people over for speeding.

  27. Re stop at ‘mall’ stopsigns. Actually it depends on the state. I know a former town-cop from Virginia who said in Virginia that the signs are not covered by the state law. He said the ones in Maryland are, and you do have to stop.

  28. #4

    I’m a law student and I talked to my prof about that because it bugs me too. He said that it falls under shopkeepers privilege. Wikipedia it.

    By not stopping to show our receipt you give the store reasonable suspicion that you’ve committed a theft. They are then allowed to detain you for a reasonable amount of time to investigate weather you have stolen anything.

    They might let you walk out without checking your receipt most of the time but if they really want they can detain you and then check your receipt to make sure you paid for everything.

  29. #4

    I’m a law student and I talked to my prof about that because it bugs me too. He said that it falls under shopkeepers privilege. Wikipedia it.

    By not stopping to show our receipt you give the store reasonable suspicion that you’ve committed a theft. They are then allowed to detain you for a reasonable amount of time to investigate weather you have stolen anything.

    They might let you walk out without checking your receipt most of the time but if they really want they can detain you and then check your receipt to make sure you paid for everything.

  30. you don’t have to read stupid blogs written by whinny people that have nothing better to do than complain about stop signs in parking lots or writting in tip/check amounts.

    you DON’T have to be lazy, how about that? Try being courteous. Living in a world where you can do what you want doesn’t pay off when everyone thinks your a prick.

  31. #2 In California it is the law. Public parking lots such as those of supermarkets, malls, and etc are considered to be the same as public streets.

  32. Most departments require their officers to calibrate their radar at the beginning of each shift. Its routine, very quick, and documented. The officer always brings this information to court. Its his job. The officer will also have documents for the calibration of the tuning forks. The best way to avoid a ticket is – dont break the law.

  33. So in your efforts to be edgy, you pretty much piss off every retail employee you come in contact with?

    Most of the list is stuff you can do, but why would you just to rabble rouse and piss off so many people unnecessarily?

  34. Comments #2 & #3,

    I’ve tried the airplane without an ID thing. I lost my wallet in Vegas and had NO form of identification what so ever on me. I showed up 3 hours early to the airport thinking they were going to harass me to no end, but it was as if nothing was different!

    They simply sent me to a different security line, checked my stuff and passed me through!


  35. “Stop at stop signs in parking lots”

    Whoa there, skippy. That ain’t true. You DO have to stop at those stop signs, because the rules of the road apply in parking lots the same as they do on a street. While your city or municipality might not have laws to enforce this, many DO. And if you peg a pedestrian while blasting through one of these stop signs, you’re going to be in a world of trouble either way.

  36. Alabama actually has a state law that makes stopping at makeshift stop signs a legal requirement. As worded, I could technically make my own stop sign, and if someone violated it, they could be charged for it. But in practice, the law really isn’t enforced.

    Nevertheless, in at least one state, #2 is something you do in fact really have to do.

  37. one to add: PAY FEDERAL INCOME TAX There really is no law that requires a person to pay and file income tax. However they do enforce it, illegally, so not not paying can cause you a bit of hassle.

  38. great post!
    just wondering though, for the parking lot stop sign thing, what about pulic parking structures, etc? aren’t there some parking lots that are govt run or something that have REAL stop sings?

  39. This list can basically be summed up in the following sentence: “You don’t HAVE to be a nice person if you would rather be a jerk who doesn’t understand finance or common sense.”

    It’s true. You don’t have to save your waiter/waitress/etc. the time and trouble to figure it out on their own. Then again, you now have to save your receipts and go over your statement every month to ensure that they did the math correctly.

    You don’t have to stop at the stop signs on private property… assuming your state or town doesn’t have a local law or ordinance stating otherwise, which some do. However if you get involved in an accident because you didn’t stop, you WILL be found 100% liable. Sure, I blow through them sometimes when there’s no one around. But don’t use this as licence to ignore them completely.

    No, you don’t have to check out at hotels. Nor do you have to be happy when you discover they overcharged you and you missed an easy opportunity to clear it up at the front desk on your way out. Is it really that hard? Is it really worth the trouble later?

    You don’t have to show stores your receipts, and I personally hate the concept of being presumed to be a thief. But bear in mind that some states allow the sotre (NOT police, though) to detain you for up to ten minutes if you refuse. Beyond that, it’s unlawful detainment.

    Nope, you don’t have to sign your receipts properly. But if you don’t, the store can refuse to let you leave with what is their property until the transaction is completed. Haven’t you noticed that little contract when you sign the receipt? “I agree to honor the cardholder agreement to pay…” Also, by not signing normally, you are conditioning your credit card company to allow what would otherwise appear to be a fraudulent charge on your account. Good luck the next time you lose your card and try to dispute the charges…

    You’re dead-on about giving stores personal information. It’s nothing but data-mining, and you don’t even have any assurance that they won’t sell it to another company who will be even more obnoxious.

    But… come on. How much time are you REALLY saving by not writing the number out on your checks? “The chances that someone is going to try to tamper with your check are basically nil.” WOW. You REALLY haven’t been paying attention to the rampant rise in identity theft and check fraud over the last few years, have you? “Basically nill” means you have no idea how easy it actually is. I’ll bet your bank loves you.

    As far as oil goes… well, there’s a bit more to it. How do you drive? Do you just commute, or do you have a heavy foot? Do you use traditional or synthetic oil? Do you live in a particularly dry and dusty place, such as Nevada or parts of Southern California? If you just take it easy, 5,000 miles between changes is fine. But it really depends on your use.

    You’re right; you CAN get away with everything on your list. But should you? Generally, no. Not unless you want people to think you’re an insensitive jerk with poor financial sense who doesn’t take care of their property. Otherwise, this is mostly just bad advice. But it’s up to you, I suppose.

  40. putting it in neutral actually doesn’t save gas.. when coasting, as long as your foot is off of the gas pedal, you aren’t using any gas. The car DOES have to use gas to keep idling though.

  41. Change my brita filter every three months? How bout…once per year?

    Umm, can’t really think of any else. Oh, I agree with the street signs on parking lots. The McDonald’s by my house has a “No Left Turns” sign, and I’ve always ignored it.

  42. Bobby.. I worked for a cable company for several years, and we were constantly getting checks from people who switched envelopes. For a $39 cable bill, they’d send in a $700 rent payment. Adding your account# on the check helps to make sure that things get credited to the correct accounts. Also, I have two cell phone bills, and I have to be careful that they don’t credit the wrong check to the wrong account.

    To quote from the movie Starman (1984):
    Red means Stop, Green means Go, and Yellow means go very fast….

  43. If the signed name on the credit card receipt doesn’t match the name on the card then the merchant can be charged back if there is a dispute on the charge. A smart merchant should know this and demand the correct signature otherwise they are creating a possible liability for themselves. It is part of their merchant agreement when they agree to take credit cards.

  44. In regards to not showing receipts… I did this at Walmart when I bought my Xbox360. Bought it in the back of the store, walked through the store & out the door with receipt in hand. Heard the word “sir” about 4 times, but I never looked back. Just held up my receipt & kept walking and noone followed me to my vehicle. Done it several times at Frys also, I usually just say “I’m good” or “No thanks” and keep walking. Noone has ever followed me out. The only thing I do is make sure my receipt is visible in hand.

  45. Don’t mess with the oil changes… the best oil is a fresh oil, it doesn’t get better at any point. Do you really want to risk ruining the engine to save a couple of dollar?

  46. Eat three meals a day.

    There is absolutely no evidence for this. It is just custom that has become entrenched.

  47. I work at a bank, and I can tell you we are trained to do whatever the check is for, based on the written amount, not whats in the box…so if you leave it blank, you get nothing…

  48. FYI about the account number on checks. Years ago when I was in college, I had a summer job working for the payments processing group at a bank. Basically opening up envelopes & typing in amounts paid, etc. Sometimes the check & invoice with it were separated. We would find checks all by themselves sitting on the floor sometimes. Those checks with account numbers would be credited, those checks without account numbers had to be destroyed.

    So while it’s certainly not required, it’s a good idea to put account numbers on your checks.

  49. Actually you need to sign your credit card slips or you could contest the charge and if the signature on your card and the one on the receipt don’t match the business could lose that money. It’s how credit cards work. You don’t need to use your real name, but you do need to sign it the way it’s signed on the card (which is usually your real name).

  50. You’re wrong about #4 and #7. There is a thing called the shopkeeper’s privilege that applies to allow store owners to make sure you haven’t shoplifted, but the details vary considerably from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. As for #7, banks are only supposed to pay based on the written words and not the numbers. The numbers are for convenience only but have no legal effect.

  51. In Arkansas it IS state law to drive with shoes. I know my sister in law got fined for it. I thought it was total BS and then I looked it up…all true.

  52. About the being still on the intersection on a red light, the yellow light effectively means stop. Unless it is unsafe to stop, (i.e 5 metres away from the intersection) you must stop. Otherwise you can get fined…

    And about #4, you say they can do nothing? They can ban you from entering the store.

  53. You don’t have to and shouldn’t give your Social Security number to everyone who asks. It is for tax purposes only – and you won’t like get a loan without one but otherwise – don’t! Places I have been asked and declined – college library, gym, doctors offices, health insurance paperwork – I have had secretaries say they can’t process paperwork and I smile sweetly and say well it is against the law to require it. They will find a new number for you.

  54. “… write your account number on checks that you mail. What a pain. I did this for a year or 2, haven’t in decades.”
    —–That is one thing you DON’T want to skip. My mother used not to put her account number on the check. Then an employee of the credit card company stole her payment. It cost her fees and a lot of time before they were able to track it down. The card company reimbursed her for the fees, but it was still a gigantic hassle. If you are concerned about someone getting your account number, just write the last 4 digits. That’s all they need to identify you … notice that’s what they ask for when you call with an inquiry?

  55. You really should do #7. You should write out your amount so that there is an actual record of what you meant. All checks are processed by computers and human eyes. The computer looks at the number and “assumes” what you meant. If there is a problem the amount is rejected or the wrong amount goes in. If there is a discrepancy, you want Four Thousand Three Hundred & Fifty-two dollars xx/100 to be clearly understandable so that you, the bank, and the merchant know what you meant. Sometimes numbers are not easy to figure out, even after you wrote them yourself.

    But the rest are pretty good. : )


  56. entering the intersection during a yellow light law is different in each state, for instance, in oregon when one direction turns red the other direction turns green, so you have to have exited the intersection by the time it is red, however in california you have a second or two of all directions red before the other turns green, thus allowing for a law like in tennesse as stated previous

  57. consumer reports did a test a number of years ago. They changed oil at 3k and 6k (if I remember correctly) They were NY taxis that they tore down rebuilt and then ran for 60k miles. At the end of the test period there had been no oil related failures and there was no difference in wear between the test cars. BTW they used everything from Mobile 1 to the least expensive oil with a certified rating.

  58. As fopr the wearing of shoes. In Illinois it is required by law. This one I know.

    As for asking to see the radar gun, yes the officer has to let you see it. By law you are allowed to confront your accuser, that would be the radar gun. If he says that he reset it tell him to not waste his time writing the ticket. Also make sure that the officer is in the courtroom, otherwise plead not guilty. If they want to reschedule it so the officer can be scheduled in object, you have the right to a speedy trial.

    I got this one from a friend in the oil change business. The 3000 mile thing is bogus. Also do not fall for the oil upgrades other than maybe synthetic only if you drive a BMW or Mercedes (More on the Mercedes in a second.) as these vehicles require synthetic but go 12-15K miles on changes. BTW if it lasts 12-15K in a Mercedes it will last 12-15K in your Ford, Chevy, Honda etc…

    As for the Mercedes. Do not be tricked into being required to go to the dealership and pay $200-$300 for a change. Most Valvoline places can do it for around $50 as long as they know you are coming in and have the filter. (They don’t usually stock these filters.)

  59. Funk Demon said you don’t have to let cops search your car. This is half right. I don’t know about all states, but the only thing you can stop cops from searching in your car is locked compartments. Anything they can see without unlocking something is fair game. So keep your glove compartment locked (and obviously your trunk)!

  60. Update your vehicle/property registration within 30 days of moving to a new state. I live in Texas (and have forever) and have had my vehicle registered in South Dakota for years.

    SD is an open registration state, meaning you don’t need to be a resident to register property. Texas says you have 30 days, but there is no code. It falls under the constitution about states respecting other state’s agreements, much like marriage.

    Best part…SD doesn’t require an inspection, so I don’t have to get one!

  61. Sorry Funk Demon, but don’t try testing the airlines, they won’t let you fly, and you might end up getting detained. For many years all airlines have required you to show photo id (it’s in the contract you enter into when you purchase the ticket), following the creation of the TSA, it is a legal requirement to enter a secured area (the boarding gates), much less board an aircraft. Further, the airlines already reserved the right, and now the TSA does, to prevent you from flying for any reason, including non-compliance with the airline or security. When you fly, you aren’t exercising some right, you’re buying something. If you don’t like the product, go buy something else (like a bus ticket).

  62. Too many people mistake police officers for judges. LEOs do not have the final say, and the majority of the tickets they write are reduced or dismissed with the slightest inkling of contest…the MAJORITY. Think about it.

    Cops can write a ticket for whatever they want, and often say things that aren’t true, like you HAVE to appear in court on this date. (A lawyer “represents” you, which means he is there in your behalf. The judge can request your presence, but a later date will have to be set.) The judge makes the final decision as to whether or not you are guilty and punishable by law, not the cop.

  63. Cruising in Neutral in a car with a Manual tranny does NOT save gas. When the car is in neutral, the car burns gas to maintain Idle. If you coast in gear with your foot off the pedal, you are NOT burning any gas. The engine is effectively acting as an air pump. Of course this doesn’t take into account that you will be slowing down due to engine braking, and you might have to apply the gas again to make up for it, compared to coasting in neutral where you will lose speed much less rapidly.

  64. All are true, I’m sure, except one….
    “Signing credit card receipts with your real name “…

    It is, in Canada, required that you sign your card, and sign your slip with your name. As it appears on any other ID you have… A lot of places may not follow this rule, but we, as retailers, can refuse your card if it’s not signed or if the signature on the slip isn’t close. Same goes for using someone else’s card.

    Don’t blame us, talk to the credit card companies!

  65. One point to note regarding #7. Tamperproofing isn’t the only purpose of the written amount on checks. It also provides the people processing these with a backup to verify the amount in the event that the **convenience** amount cannot be read (bad writing, or torn check) These items all need to be balanced, and the written amount is very commonly used. Checks don’t stop at the teller my friend.

  66. Signing credit card receipts with your real name…
    They might not check this very often. I put CID on my signature and only get asked once every 6 months…

    By not signing your Authorized Signature, you *could* be charged with fraud. Because you could claim later you didn’t authorize the purchase.

  67. That bit about not stopping for receipt checkers is true only in some states. I’ve been through this discussion a couple times, with real lawyers contributing, and in some states the security guard does have the power to detain you on only a suspicion of theft.

    In California, the guard must have actual knowledge you are committing theft, which pretty much means he has to have seen you put it in your pants. Just this weekend I walked out of Frys without stopping, just by not acknowledging their checker dude. He didn’t even say anything.

    But find out your local laws before trying this one.

  68. – You don’t have to fasten the little second button before the cuff on your long sleeve shirts.

    – You don’t have to put dish soap in the “pre-wash” part of the dishwasher, they all really get cleaned by the normal wash.

  69. What I love to do sometimes, is at stores where I **know** that they mark my legal $20.00 bills to see if they’re “counterfeit”, I take out the same marker (one that I own) and mark the bills that the cashier gives me in my change, as I always feel that they’re pricks when they do that. You never know as they might be trying to pull off some counterfeit bill in your change. And that marker doesn’t really do anything anyways, as good counterfeiters bleach the bills and reprint the different design on the legal paper where the marker is useless, unless if you were to hold the bill up to the light to check to see what president’s face is in the “spot” compared the face that’s on the face of the bill in actual ink. I feel that if they mark my bills to see if they’re counterfeit, I might as well do the same to them to see if their bills are counterfeit.

    And since I work as a cashier (as I know the thing about the face that you can see in the light), I let customers slide by with their credit card signatures as whatever they want. I take it as just as long as they marked something down on their receipt that I get to keep, it’s fine. In very small print on the bottom of the receipt, it states that upon signing the credit card receipt, you are agreeing to the charge as highlighted above for such goods or services. And by law, each business has to keep credit card records for at least 7 years, in case if there is any discrepencies that might arise with false charges. And at gas stations, you are “digitally signing” for your credit card charge by entering in your ZIP code.

    – Mike.

  70. In Michigan, you can get ticketed for going through a stop sign on private property if the owners of the property have paid the local police to patrol the parking lot. If not, and you ignore the sign and hit someone, you can be ticketed for reckless driving.

    And BTW, my Honda owners manual specifies oil changes every 10,000 miles.

  71. When depositing checks into an ATM or by mail, you do not need to endorse them on the back. I have not done this for 20 years and have never gotten one rejected.

    It’s a different matter at teller windows.

  72. 1. An important one: Do not use an octane higher than that recommended by the car manufacturer. That Mobil Supreme doesn’t help your Camry one bit! You’re just wasting money! It’s amazing how many millions of dollars are wasted every year because of this misconception.

    2. You don’t need to stay warm to avoid a cold. Cold viruses don’t grow out of cold weather! In fact, staying indoors on a cold day INCREASES your chances of catching a cold because you’re exposing yourself to more people who can transmit the virus to you.

    3. You don’t need to accept the pre-determined return policies of stores. You can negotiate your own if you’re buying from someone with the authority to change the store’s return policy. If they tell you that there’s a “no return” policy. Tell then that you won’t buy it unless they allow you to return the item unopened within 10-days. You can’t do it at a chain where the employees have no authority to change the store’s return policy, though.

    4. You don’t have to accept the terms of form contracts. Cross out the provisions of the contract that you don’t like before signing it. If the other party accepts it, you just got ourselves a more favorable contract! But remember that they don’t have to accept your modifications! This is harder if they want you to sign in front of them in person. It’s easier with internet or phone orders where the terms of the contract come later in the mail with the item you purchased (E.g., a computer). Just cross out the terms you don’t like, make a copy, and mail it back to them. If it’s not that important of a provision, they may accept it!

  73. Be careful, some of the major shopping centers have agreements with local law enforcement and traffic laws are enforceable. However, entrances must have signs to notify the public of this.

  74. Hi my name is marina I live in sunapee NH I am a girl 13 years old 1993 my birthday is january 16 if you want to came you can come someone.

  75. Tell the DMV the stop signs in parking lots aren’t legal. In Ohio there are 2 parts to the driving test; driving & manuverability (i.e. parallel parking). I had 100% on driving, hit a cone on the parallel parking, and missed a stop sign in the parking lot because I was upset. I was failed on the driving part too because DMV considered it a legal stop sign. My advice, don’t blow though a parking lot stop sign with the police around and try to get out of the ticket by telling him/her a web site blog told you that you didn’t have to stop.

  76. If you live in a crowded city, are in a crowded shopping mall or other event where many people are walking both directions, you don’t have to move out of stranger’s ways when the walk in your path. I have found that greeting them does one of a couple of things.

    They may greet you back. (this is least common but common enough for a quick hello and many conversations have begun here.)

    They may just smile

    If you pass them again, they are much more likely to remember you. (I have people come up to me or start the greeting second time around.

    and lastly, if they are not in a social mood, they move out of your way pleasantly, returning your courtesy.

  77. In the UK, if a cop wants to search you o your car he must have reason to believe that he will find something dodgy.
    You CAN refuse the search though.you don’t even have to speak to him, just walk away.
    If you do this though it just gives the cop reason to believe that you are hiding something.

    All fun and games ;o)

  78. About the cop thing, if you refuse to let them search your car they can call out a k-9 unit and make you wait till it gets there and sniffs around your car.

    Income tax was ruled unconstitutional by the supreme court, but for some reason we still have to pay it.

    You don’t have to put a real email address or name to leave these comments even though it says its required.

  79. 9. Live in a civilized society where common sense, mutual respect and courtesy are considered good traits for a person to live by.

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