Waiting for the Perfect Moment

Everyone’s waiting for the right time for something. The right time to quit their job, the right time to ask her out, the right time to travel, or the right time to start a new project.

In a little over a week I leave Austin until June. I have a LOT to do. More than I will get done.

I have to get my RV’s engine repaired before the warranty expires and I have to find a place to store the thing while I’m gone. I have a few things to sell on ebay. I have a few pieces of gear I’d like to test out for the new trip.

We’re close enough to the departure date that any time I hang out with a friend it may be the last time I hang out with them until the summer. I wanted to get another trip in to LA, but I’m not going to have time now.

“If only I just had one more week…”

That’s dangerous thinking. I have a good friend who had been wanting to move to LA for years, but it was never the right time.

She stuck around for a graduation, her niece being born, to save up some more money, and who knows what else.

Finally she realized that it was never going to be the right time and she just moved anyway.

And that’s what you have to do.

If you ask me, that’s one of the secrets to really living a good life. Any big action is always going to cause some complications. If you wait until there aren’t any complications, you may die before you actually do what you want to do.

Life has a funny way of working things out. Or, more accurately, we humans overestimate the importance of little problems. And we’re pretty good at dealing with them, too.

It makes sense. If a few things fall off your plate because you take a big step forward, that’s a good trade. And the sooner you make THIS trade, the sooner you’re ready for the next one.

Are you putting anything off? Have you ever noticed that people’s regrets are always things they DIDN’T do? You never hear people saying that they regret throwing caution to the wind and diving headfirst into scary. Why not?

One quote I heard which has always haunted me is, “The one thing you’ll regret when you’re old is the time you wasted.”

Don’t waste time. Do it now.


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