Help Me Speak at SXSW in 2012

Last year, Jason Boehle generously shared his speaking slot at SXSW with me. I had a great time, met a lot of great people, and, according to the feedback we got, gave a good talk. This year I want to do an updated version of my Risk Speech.

To get there, I need people to vote for me on the SXSW panel picker. If you have 2-3 minutes to register and vote, it would mean a lot to me. Unlike last year, where I forgot to fully charge my camera battery, I promise to post a video of the speech to the site.

The voting link is right hurrrrrr. If you haveĀ  a few extra seconds after voting, you can also leave a comment at the bottom of the description on the site.

A post with actual substance is coming later this week.


By the way, if you want to read a great book, check out The Murder Room, a book about real life detectives on par with fictional Sherlock Holmes. The writing is a little bit awkward, but the content is so incredible that I read it within 24 hours.

Sorry there hasn’t been any news on the mysterious startup. It’s coming along very well and I hope to have something to show you guys by November. We got a great domain name, which I’ll share once we finally come up with a logo to throw up there.

Some Tasksmash codes to bribe voters:










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