UT Tunnel Interview

By now I’m sure that all of you have read the UT tunnel story. When the story surfaced, Mark e-mailed me because he is doing a documentary on the UT tunnels. He wanted to interview me, which I was happy to do.

The interview finally happened today, and it was pretty cool. I basically just went over the same story that I talked about here, and then we chatted about the tunnels for a while. He told me a few really interesting things about them that he had learned, and showed me a picture of an old 1948 car that is in the tunnels! Pretty neat.

The documentary should be done by May, and will be playing at the Dobie theaters. I’m sure I’ll go to the premiere screening, so maybe I will see some of you there. You know which hat to look for…

Also – I’m going to start an interview series on the blog. I e-mailed a really high profile person and he wrote me back saying that he’s busy but that he might be able to do the interview later. He also said that he likes the blog. Stay tuned for that!

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  1. WoW…. is my first comment. I did a search on tunnels under Austin after talking to a guy that had been hired to help build them… He was told that the tunnels were some sort of dranage system… He told me that there were several tunnels. One of them was some where around the MLK area….I had ask him if he knew somewhere that I could get some clay for an adobie project that I was comptenplating. He begain to tell me about the clay that they removed from the tunnels that he had helped build… They gave him a cover story as to why they were building these tunnels and he bought it hook line and sinker… When I mentioned to him that they had probably told him a lie, he seemed a bit amused, and also a bit upset with me… He had been upset with me eariler in our conversation when I had mentioned that I thought that the 911 incedent was an inside government plot to give Bush an excuse to wadge war…. He was a Veteran that was also a bit of a drunk… I surmised that in order to maintain ones faith in our government drinking might possably be one’s only recourse… Other wise, how could one keep on lying to one’s self and beliving it? My question now is, what is the purpose of the tunnels? Who could we call to get the offical government lie as to there purpuse? Would it be a well thought out lie or would it be a quick impromptune impervised lie?

    I have also read about a system of tunnels under the Denver Airport that is supposed to be some government cover up concerning Aliens and such… Question…. Does anyone else believe that Aliens constitute the real governments or is that a thought that only I have considered…If you go to my web-site you can e-mail me your answer.

  2. I believe this. Fred showed me the area and once had a map of where this was . After his death, before I could gt to the house the box, computer he had with this information vanished. How do I know. I am his wife

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