Updates On a Lot of Things

I often start habits or routines with a lot of fanfare, but then never follow up on them. Sometimes when people meet me they ask about them, so I figured I’d just think of all of them that I can come up with and catch you up.

Being Married

Being married has been really great! People always ask me about it as if it’s some enormous deal, but it still doesn’t feel like a huge deal to me. I attribute that mostly to having a great wife who is very easy to talk to and work with, and with whom I share many values. By far the biggest change between dating and being married is that we think about things across a longer time horizon. We both really like doing that independently, so it’s a good upgrade.

One Outfit

I still pretty much only wear one outfit. I always have one pair of pants, one pair of shorts, a short-sleeved shirt, and a long-sleeved button-down. That’s true when I travel and when I am home in Vegas.

In other home bases I’ve started to stash location-specific clothing as a luxury.

In Hawaii I have two pairs of quick-dry swimming trunks because it wasn’t appropriate to go from the beach to dinner in my speedo. I also left my old t-shirt there so that if I get it a little bit wet I can still get on a plane.

On the island I have a couple extra wool and prince T-shirts and one of their work shirts. This is because Mac from Wool and Prince came to the island and brought us tons of gear. I like having more clothing there because it’s harder to do laundry. I’m also planning on bringing a huge wool sweater I bought in Mexico.

In Budapest I have an extra big jacket that is warmer and looks better than the one I travel with.

No Shampoo

Many years ago I stopped using shampoo and soap when showering, and I’ve stuck to it. I tried to get rid of deodorant, but that wasn’t such a great idea.


I obviously don’t do any pickup any more, and I’m totally isolated from the industry other than keeping in touch with a few friends I made back then. However, the lessons I learned in it totally changed how I communicate and still have an effect almost twenty years later.

Constant Travel

I still travel as much as ever, but I find that I rarely go to new places. I’m very happy to keep going to the same places over and over again to get to know them better and to deepen my roots in different places. That could change some time in the future, but I wouldn’t count on it.


I bought a Bentley a few years ago and it got T-boned after a few months. As of this writing it’s still in the shop almost a year and a half later, so I have barely driven it at all. I love minivans so much now that I’m sort of over the Bentley, but maybe that will change once I get it back.


I currently eat once per day, a large meal, usually Chipotle and homemade vegetable soup. When I travel I tend to eat fairly healthy, but will often eat two meals a day and won’t eat as healthy as in Vegas. I’m thinking about imposing some restrictions in my other home bases like I do for Vegas.


We stopped working on Sett many years ago, but I keep it running because I’m not willing to use any other blog platform. I hope that some day something better exists so that I don’t have to pay the server bills.

The Island

The Island is doing great! We have a yurt, a cabin, an outhouse, a dock, and a ton of trails. Last summer we got solar power working and this summer we’re hoping to have running water. I usually go 3-4 times each summer. This year I’ve already put up some more shingles on my cabin and have figured out how to waterproof the big window wall (but haven’t actually done it yet because our boat got flipped in a storm and is being repaired).

I think those cover the big things that people usually ask about. If I missed anything, let me know in the comments.


Photo is a sunset from the island.

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