Triple Monitors : Why Going out of Business is Fun

Want to know what the best part of your business coming to a screeching halt is? LOOTING. I had a very successful business for 6 years that I recently stopped. It was good money, but was a lot of stress and not particularly rewarding. I had several state of the art computers at the office, so I looted them today. Now I have three monitors instead of one, and a sweet ass water machine.

Triple Monitors

Also, I went to Home Depot Jacob the Jeweler and got some sick bling today. Composed mostly entirely out of stainless steel fine platinum, it weighs in at 6 pounds. Besides being horribly uncomfortable around the neck, it punches me in the stomach with the lock as I walk. I consider the purchase an overwhelming success. One of my good friends is throwing a party tomorrow night, and I plan on rocking the chain.

Huge Blinging Chain

Coming tomorrow… what it’s like when people think you’re a celebrity… (really)






3 responses to “Triple Monitors : Why Going out of Business is Fun”

  1. Cristie Avatar

    Hi there Tynan,

    Great fashion sense!

    Austin is a nicce place. Im writing because I thought Id take the opportunity to ask what it is like living there.
    Are you a graphic artist, or painter?
    im an artistic odd-job, and considering going into property development and thinking about moving to Austin primarily as an interior designer.

    Would be nice to chat with you about it.


  2. Joe in Hawaii Avatar
    Joe in Hawaii

    i think i’m in love. u rock.

  3. Paul Avatar

    If you don’t mind me asking, why did it come to a screeching halt? Did something change on the online gambling scene?

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