The Near Future of BTYB

I don’t expect to be posting very much here for the forseeable future, maybe once or twice a month. Most new and exciting things that I’m up to are related to Life Nomadic, so make sure you check for my posts (and subscribe to the RSS) there.

The good news is that I will be posting at least twice a week there, Todd is posting as well, and I upload photos and write quick updates every day. Posts that I make to BTYB will be more “personal development” related, as well as projects I’m working on (like conversion doubler).

I also check the forums every day.

Anyway, this is just a reminder for anyone who is checking this site wondering why updates are a bit slow.

In other news, Life Nomadic is taking off. I believe that it will be a hugely successful site within a few months. In our first week we’ve already hit StumbleUpon (thanks to Alex Shalman, who is always very generously looking for ways to help me out), and Tim Ferriss linked to us because Donovan from Seduction Chronicles let him know about us.

Thanks for the help and thanks a lot for reading!

Life Nomadic



  1. You’re welcome. Very happy to help you guys out in any way, you know that. Looking forward to more adventures at Life Nomadic.

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