Superhuman 5 Event in March 2024

It’s been too long! I just did a Tea Time with Tynan video and several people asked if I was going to do any more Superhuman events. I’ve been wanting to schedule one, but I host it in a huge hotel suite which has been 3-4x the price that it was pre-pandemic. I don’t want to raise prices for the event, but the math just didn’t work out at that price. And I think having a large comfortable space is an important aspect of the event.

But then on Black Friday I searched and found an even better looking suite for about the same as the old one used to be… so we’re back on without raising the price!

I scheduled the first Superhuman event 6 years ago and had no format or plan in mind. A great group of people showed up, made even more progress than I had hoped, and helped me figure out the format. Over the years it’s gotten smoother and more refined, and at this point I’m extremely confident in the value I can deliver to anyone who shows up.

When you arrive you’ll meet everyone and be paired randomly with someone else. You can choose not to have a buddy, but so far no one has chosen that. Every person will have an hour of the event dedicated entirely to them, where I will work with you one-on-one to figure out the habits and action steps needed to reach your goals.

Your buddy will be particularly focused during your session, because I’ve found that there’s a difference in perception between you and an objective third party.

In between the sessions we have enough time to hang out, talk about different ideas and philosophies, and I answer questions that are less directly related to your immediate challenges.

I get a lot of unsolicited feedback from previous attendees and it’s always very positive. Many of them have made huge life-changing progress, many of them have made long lasting friendships with each other, and I’d say about half learned more from listening to other people’s sessions than their own. Sometimes our biggest areas of growth are things we aren’t even aware of.

This format is absolutely exhausting for me, but it’s the event I’d want to go to myself. It’s the opposite of a rah-rah weekend where you feel like you’re being productive but then come home and go back to your old ways. You will absolutely leave with concrete steps that you can actually do that will make meaningful progress towards your goals.

Here are the details:

March 8th — Attendee dinner without me. This is for everyone to get to know each other without me taking up any of the attention.

March 9th — 11am – 7pm mix of individual sessions, discussions, and questions and answers

March 10th — 11am – 5pm mix of individual sessions, discussions, and questions and answers, 5pm-7pm – two hours to start taking action on things we’ve discussed, with me there to help.

Cost: $1500 with a money back guarantee

How do you know if this is right for you? I guess it’s hard to know exactly, but I’ve found that the people who benefit most are people who know where they’re at, know where they want to go, but aren’t quite sure how to get there. They show up being willing to be vulnerable and share and are open to taking unconventional paths.

If you’re interested, please email me at sh5 at tynan dot net. If you already emailed me because of my Twitter post you are guaranteed a spot if it seems like a good fit. Spots are generally first come first serve, but I sometimes discourage people from coming if I don’t think it will be a good fit. In your email please give me a short bio and tell me what you are hoping to get out of the event.

Once all of the emails come in, I will begin doing followups to figure out our final group.

This is probably the last event I will do at this price due to inflation and difficulty in getting big suites, but I wanted to keep it at the same price as the last one since a lot of people’s plans got messed up because of covid. There are also 1-2 people I owe free spots to because covid messed up their plans. If you’re one of those people just let me know and you get a guaranteed spot.


Photo is a cool iceberg in Greenland because I never know what photo to use as the header for this sort of thing.

I may also do a free meetup in Vegas on March 8th. If you’re interested in that, email meetup at tynan dot net.






4 responses to “Superhuman 5 Event in March 2024”

  1. Garrett Avatar

    I’d love to go but I’ll be in another location during that time. Hopefully SH6 timing works out better for me.

  2. Jason Avatar

    SH5 in March 2024?

  3. […] have one or two spots left for Superhuman 5. Write soon if you’re interested, as I’ll be locking in the list within a few […]

  4. Louis Adamson Avatar

    Anyone considering one of the last few spots, I’d definitely recommend snatching one of them up before they’re gone.

    I had the pleasure of attending the first ‘Superhuman’ event in 2018, having been a fan of Tynan’s since 2010. I’m not sure if it was the blog , or Life Nomadic that I found first.

    If you find value, like I do , in the insights and stories, perspectives and approach to life, reflected in his well written posts, that go far beyond the adventure, travel, minimalism, and good habits in the old website header tag line., you’ll definitely be glad you signed up for this year’s event.

    In the afternoon on the first day of the 2018 event, I remember Tynan mentioned he felt his blog had, as far as he could tell, cultivated an audience that like-minded, and bound to bring together a wide array of uniquely fascinating people. This diversity was palpable the initial dinner— the same prelude to the event this year – where we all met for the first time. That evening offered an exceptional opportunity to connect with new people over a meal, setting a warm and inviting tone for the days that followed. Inspired by this, I’ve since incorporated a similar meet-and-greet dinner into a few events I’ve helped organize.

    The event’s format remains as intimate and impactful as I remember. It’s a setting where each participant is encouraged to share their story, challenges, and achievements, fostering an environment of growth and learning. If that first event formatted itself naturally, without intention or plan, it didn’t seem that way. Tynan adeptly led the event, blending his insights and wisdom with the collective knowledge of those who had value to contribute, and was mindful to give everyone time and attention. It seems funny now, and remember adapting to his in-person presence took a moment, given my long-term familiarity with his writing persona, but it quickly felt like listening to an old friend.

    I eagerly anticipate the group photo and Tynan’s reflective post that will capture the essence of this year’s gathering. As I write this and reminisce, I’d consider one of remaining seats myself if I had that weekend open.

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