Superhuman 2 Event in March 2019

I’ve been hearing back recently from some of the attendees of the first event and have been blown away by the progress that they’ve been making. Talking to them has motivated me to schedule the next event and work with a new group of people.

The event will be two days of working closely with me on your habits, goals, and priorities. You will leave with a clear vision on next steps to take in your life as well as specific advice on how to implement them to ensure success. You will also be paired with one of the other attendees to become accountability partners.

The attendees at the first event were all truly excellent people whom I was glad to get to know and who were all glad to get to know each other and many left with lasting friendships. I was moved by how positive they were and how interested they were in each others’ success.

Besides getting specific personal advice from me, you will also hear your fellow attendees work through their challenges. We’ll talk a lot about productivity, mindset, automation, prioritization, social skills, and lifestyle.

If you are willing to do the work but aren’t sure about your next steps or want to make sure you’re on the most efficient path, this event will be very valuable for you.

WHERE: Las Vegas

WHEN: March 2rd and 3rd, with an optional meetup the evening of March 1st if your flight schedule allows it.

COST: $1500 ($1250 for previous attendees or current coaching clients)

I will limit the number of attendees to 10 because I’m not sure the format would scale well above that. Great tea, water, snacks, and dinner will be provided both days. You can bring your own lunch or go out during the lunch breaks.

The biggest difference between this and the first event is that it’s much longer. I want to make sure that we have plenty of time for everything, including some time to just hang out and drink tea.

Here is some of the feedback I got from attendees of the first event:

“Tynan’s first superhuman event was a tremendous value—insightful, spontaneous, inspiring and action-oriented. Hanging out with the legendary ninja of simplicity Leo Babauta was an awesome surprise bonus!”

“I’ve always enjoyed Tynan’s blog because his method of communication is very action focused on improvement. Similarly Tynan’s event left everyone with very actionable steps to work on the issues they brought to the event. We have a three month follow up call and I look forward to regrouping with everyone!”

“This event was well worth my time and money. I learned helpful ideas and habits with a great small group dedicated to learning, improving, and getting out in the world to do things. The in-person aspect of this event made a big difference for me. I feel energized and challenged to go out and achieve my goals and dreams.”

“Tynan has a unique ability to understand a person’s issue break it down and figure out an actionable path to the desired result!”

“I was able to be fully vulnerable in a safe environment. Getting honest insights from people across all walks of life was invaluable to me because it exposed blind spots in my thinking. Combine that with actionable advice advice and you get an awesome event.”

“The event exceeded my expectations. Tynan gave us guidance specific to our individual needs and had a lot of patience when something wasn’t clear. He built an atmosphere where we could open up without the fear of being ridiculed or judged.”

WHAT TO DO: Email me at event at tynan dot net with the title “Superhuman 2” to reserve your spot. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask. If it’s not the right event for you, I will definitely let you know.


I don’t have firm plans, but I’m thinking about organizing an event in Budapest. The gist is that I would take a small group of 6 or so around one of my favorite cities to explore the city and spend quality time drinking tea, going to the thermal baths, eating at my favorite restaurants, competing at escape rooms, etc. It wouldn’t be as structured as a normal Superhuman event, but I think it would be fun and productive. If you’re interested in that, email me at event at tynan dot net with “Budapest Trip” as the subject.


Photo is of two of the telescopes in the Mauna Kea observatory.






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