Superhuman 3 October Announcement

Superhuman 3 is coming in October to Las Vegas!

I sent an email out to the Superhuman Vegas mailing list last week, but still have some spots available, so I’m announcing the event over the blog. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Superhuman events in Vegas, the general idea is that we all meet for a weekend and you leave with connections and friendships with other amazing people as well as direct actionable advice from me. Here are a few testimonials from the last group:

“Tynan’s Superhuman 2 weekend was worth at least 200% of price, the number and quality of relationships I made in a little over 48 hrs and the quality of advice i was able to internalize and apply were really the two things that made it unquestionably worth it.”

“Superhuman was truly a rewarding experience, both in the collection of people and it’s value. I’ve never been to anything like it.

Tynan creates a comfortable setting to not only ask hard questions about your own life, but also have the unique experience to watch others do the same.

In just two days, you’ve not only learned more about yourself, but you’ve helped others in their pursuits and created a life long bond. If you ever have the chance, don’t pass it up.

Only Tynan could pull off an event like this. “

“There was so much value packed into Superhuman 2. I came away from the event with several notebook pages full of insights from our conversations, amazing new friends I wouldn’t know how to find otherwise, a clear plan to achieve my goals, and an accountability buddy who is genuinely invested in my success. Tynan’s solution to the challenges I brought up in my session was definitely not what I expected or wanted to hear, but actually solves the core problem rather than the surface issues I had been focusing on. It was exactly what I needed to snap out of the unhelpful patterns I had been stuck in for so long. If you’re truly ready to make a change and are willing to be challenged in a thoughtful and respectful way, I highly recommend Tynans’ Superhuman event. – Jade M”

“Imagine a handful of dynamic, engaging, thoughtful people coming together for two days to help each other figure the big things out. That’s what SuperHuman is, and you will not regret doing it for even a second. I imagine I will stay friends with these people for life, and it’s a real testament to the kind of program Tynan has built.”

“I *highly* recommend attending a Superhuman event. I originally wanted to attend Superhuman1 last year, but hesitated since I wasn’t sure which area of my life I wanted to focus on, and missed my chance when the event sold out. This year I jumped at the chance, got my ticket… although still didn’t know what I wanted to focus on during “my” 1-on-1 hour with Tynan. In the end I figured that just hearing other people’s goals, struggles, and motivations would be enough to get my money’s worth.

…and this event exceeded my expectations. Everyone attending was AMAZING, and I was right – as Day 1 progressed I was inspired by everyone’s stories and it felt great to be surrounded by such a diverse group of people… but the common thread was a desire for self improvement and willingness to help others.

So if you’re on the fence: Go.

All you need is a desire to increase the satisfaction and happiness in your life. You’ll walk away with a clearer head, concrete goals, (and if your group is anything like mine), a fast-forged group of accountability friends who will be ecstatic to hear about your progress as you implement agreed-upon goals.”

The average rating for the last event was over 9.5/10 and the attendees have been meeting up with each other in different places and staying in touch with regular group video chats. I refine the format and my technique with every event, and I’m now really excited and confident in what attendees will get out of the event.

The dates are October 12-13 with an optional free meetup on the evening of October 11th. The cost is $1500. If you would like to come, please email sh3 at with a very short bio so that I can make sure it’s the right event for you. I will then invite people in the order I receive emails. I cap the attendees at 10 to make sure everyone gets enough individual attention and the group stays cohesive, so you will be put on the waiting list if you aren’t one of the first ten to reply.

If you would like to be notified of future Superhuman Events, you can put in your name and email here. I always give mailing list people first crack at the spots. If you thought you were on the mailing list but didn’t get an email for the event already, please let me know so that I can see what went wrong.


Photo is the view from my cabin. I went to go work on it last week and made some good shingling progress.

This won’t replace the regularly scheduled post this week, as I don’t want people who aren’t interested in events to be annoyed.






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