VIDEO: What Makes SETT Different?

SETT has now been powering for a month! The transition wasn’t completely without hiccups (several of my most popular posts disappeared, for example), but by and large it has been a big success. After all, the blog’s still standing, right?
I know that by making my own blog the test site for SETT I’m inadvertently making you a guinea pig, so thank you for putting up with the glitches (and bad email formatting) that have come along the way.

For those of you who haven’t had a chance to explore the new SETT stuff on the blog, here’s a short video highlighting some of the biggest changes:

Within 2-3 weeks, we’ll be getting a few of our friends migrated over to SETT, and from there our next goal will be to open it to the public so that anyone will be able to have a SETT blog. You may have noticed that I now reply to pretty much every comment. It’s not just because I’m trying promote SETT, it’s because the process of replying to people is way easier now, and I know they’ll get an email saying there’s a reply. I’m really excited about getting more people running SETT and helping to make blogs a more social and interactive experience.

How you can help

The biggest thing you can do is post to the community section ( My primary motivation in building SETT is turning blogs into something bigger than just one guy posting monologues. The more interaction we have here, the more we can measure and tweak to make it the best possible experience. You can post questions, interesting discoveries, pictures of your RV, or anything else you think would be interesting to members of the community at this site. If you post something really good I will promote it to the front page, and it will be sent to my 13,000 or so subscribers.

We’re also ready for bug reports and feature suggestions, which you can submit by going to and respectively.


Check out, created by a reader (not sure if he wants me to post his name or not)

Also, check out the community post by Konstantin about Dotsies:

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