SETT Survey!

SETT has gotten to the point that I’m spending less time putting out fires and stomping bugs, and more time trying to think about how people are using it and how I can make that better.

As you’ve probably noticed, I’m working really hard to write two solid blog posts per week, even though my life is consumed with SETT right now. If you could give me back a few minutes of your time to answer this SETT survey, it would really mean a lot to me.


I never fill out surveys online because I sort of imagine that they get sent to the digital equivalent of a dark moldy basement somewhere and never get read. NOT THIS ONE. I will personally be reading every single reply, and will take all feedback very seriously. After all, I’m making SETT to help build communities and give some of the power back to the readers. So if I don’t listen to readers… who else can I listen to?

Speaking of which, I feel like I owe a huge debt of gratitude to each of my readers. Just by reading my site and interacting with it, not to mention all the valuable bug reports you’ve sent me, you’ve had a huge hand in building SETT. If I didn’t have a real live community reading my site, it would be impossible for me to test things out. There have been glitches along the way, and I appreciate everyone having patience. Thank you.

At the end of the survey I ask for your email or phone number. It’s totally optional, but depending on what the survey teaches me, I may want to contact some people to get their thoughts onĀ SETT. So feel free to leave your contact information, or don’t– totally up to you.

Again, here’s the link to the survey. Whether you’re a techie or neophyte, hardcore reader or first time visitor, young or old, please take the survey if you have a few minutes. The broader a base of people who answer, the more accurate the feedback trends will be.


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