Report Card: Panama

Conquerability: Moderate. No national army, but there are tons of security guards with huge guns. Most of them seem to like us, though, so we may be able to co opt them. Experimental data will be available 2009.

Dangerosability: Disappointingly low. We insured our stuff and got pacsafes, and never had to use them. Even the weird old guy we met in the airport said that Colon was safe. The closest we got to danger was going to a bad area and having tons of locals helpfully guide us away.

Times we rocked the scene at karaoke: 3.

Vegan meals eaten: 106

Unusual Crossfit Locations: Children’s playground, parking lot, patch of grass between the street and sidewalk on Via Espana, park at night, tropical island paradise.

Prostitute Proposition Watch: 2 prostis and one pimp. No offers on our sweet bodies.

Average Time Tynan woke up: 1:30pm

Average Time per day Todd spends washing his hands: 90 minutes (estimate)

Major canals visited: 1

Most severe injury sustained: Todd got a small cut that he thought was a huge splinter.

Quality of freshly squeezed juice: A+ (when pulp is requested) A- (default no pulp configuration)

Overall awesome quotient: 14,815

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