Raw Food Update #1

Hola, Jovenes. I recently switched over to a primarily raw food diet. I’ve since modified it to include Ezekiel products.

Why? Because a) they’re awesome and b) I don’t yet have my dehydrator, so there’s no other bread products I can eat. Poor me.

Since I switched over, the polyphasic sleep schedule has been going WAY better. The difference is day and night (my god, I’m funny). In the past 7 days I’ve overslept by maybe 4 hours total, less if I get credit for missed naps. Even more significant, I feel great the whole time. Right now it’s 4:33am and I feel like I could play a full 5 round curling match.

When Hayden and I did his school project on raw foods, we wanted to make some really impressive recipes. He got a bunch of books at Barnes and Noble, but the REAL standout was Raw Food/Real World : 100 Recipes to Get the Glow.

The reason this book rocks my palette is because, first of all, it’s very practical. The authors eat a couple questionable ingredients because they add a lot and are in such small quantity that they don’t really affect anything. They say also that if they’re on a trip to Italy they’ll eat traditional Italian food, even though at home they eat 100% raw. Also, they were both chefs with a real passion for normal food, and they converted. I was also an amateur chef, so I could relate to that.

But the best thing is the recipes. What they are able to make with only raw food is absolutely amazing. The chocolate pudding (no cooking / artificial sugar, remember) was awesome, but the ice cream steals the show. That’s right… HEALTHY ice cream. They literally eat this stuff for breakfast. Keep in mind that the book is packed with pictures of these people, and they look really young and healthy even though they’re around 40. Even if you’re not into raw food and don’t want to buy the book, use Amazon’s book searching feature, find the recipe, and try it out. I like to add banana to it to make some banana ice cream.

Tonight I went to a restaurant called Cosmic Cafe. Inspired by the book, I decided to have a new policy of eating normally when I’m out. There’s nothing more annoying than the guy who is like, “I’ll have the chicken sandwich with no bread, no mayo, no bread, and extra lettuce.” After an inordinate period of deliberation, I finally settled on the wheat crust eggplant pizza. Sounds reasonbly healthy, right?

This thing was loaded with cheese. I ate it anyway, and immediately felt crappy. Then I went home and overslept through 3 alarms (90 minute oversleep, longest since going raw) and felt awful. When I finally woke up, still tired, I started cramming my craw with all the raw food I could find, hoping to push that eggplant junk out of my system.

The next nap went famously, featuring a super realistic dream involving the following :

  • a small wooden boat
  • Julie from the Pickup Artist story
  • A weird pickup artist guy
  • A creepy target employee who followed us all around

Good times, as usual. Ok, it’s time for a nap, and then I might write another update. The bus story is neglected.






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  1. Becca Avatar

    Let us know when you get a dehydrator. I want one too but I want to get the best one. So when you find the best one…

    Um, does this Julie girl know you still dream about her? She liked you a lot way back when and you are a gazillion times better by now. She would be a lucky girl 🙂

    About the bus story: definitely continue with that! I pause to wonder about it every time I see a schoolbus.

    Yeah pizza loaded with cheese does sound like it would throw you for a loop if you’ve been going raw. Where I live (SoCal) you can ask them to go light on the cheese or leave it off your pizza altogether and they don’t look at you funny.

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