Polyphasic Upgrade / Update

Before I went to Massachusetts, things were peachy. I did 4 days with only one hour of oversleeping. Then during Massachusetts I did rather poorly, but still not too bad. When I got back I was settling back into my polyphasic/gangsta lifestyle, but that got interrupted for my trip to Vegas. And Vegas, surprisingly, wasn’t kind to the schedule.

Since then I’ve been trying to get back on the boat, so to speak. Last night I only overslept by 90 minutes, but I just woke up from a 4 hour (!!!!) oversleep. So now, I confess that I’ve been keeping something from you, dear reader.

It’s true.

I never duct taped my laptop up after getting back from Mass. It’s a pain to do, and I felt like I could handle the responsibility. I couldn’t. Also, when I went to Vegas the air compressor got left on for a few days and burnt out. I’ve been going without most of the safeguards I’ve come to rely on.

So… tonight I ask for your forgiveness. As an offering, I have duct taped the laptop up once again, AND made a bit of an improvement on the compressor. I’m now using a vacuum, which isn’t quite as loud, BUT I have duct taped its power switch such that it can not be turned off. The module that controls whether it’s on or off has been stuck behind the couch in the living room. So now it is absolutely impossible to turn off the alarm or vacuum without leaving the bedroom.

The alarm is impossible to turn off even if you do leave. The vacuum can be turned off if I make it to my computer, but it will automatically turn on again if I sleep by another 35 minutes.

Anyway… despite my somnarific indescretions, I’m feeling good. To be honest I felt like a complete idiot when I overslept in Vegas. What a waste! It was only out of shame that I didn’t update.



  1. Maybe you should get a betetr alarm clock and place it on the other side of the room so you have to get up and manually turn it off. Music doesnt seem like a good alarm cloack.

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