Pictures of Project Hollywood

I was going through some old files the other day and I came across a bunch from Project Hollywood. Ahh, the nostalgia. Here they are:

Me and some girl at the Standard. We switched jackets.

Mystery’s winnings in a game of quarters. We put a glass ice bucket on one side of the room and took turns throwing our own quarters at it. The first person to get a quarter in got to keep all of the quarters that had missed. Some pots were $40+. Then Style’s girlfriends would come, get cajoled into playing, and beat us every time.

The LA PUA summit in 2004. I initially organized it so that I’d get to meet all of the PUAs. Little did I know that I’d be living with them by then.

Me and a couple more girls at the standard. Check out my majestic boa that I used to wear all the time.

Jay (Formhandle from Fastseduction) sleeping with Katya’s dog on top of him.

My room before I got furniture.

Mystery at our eating contest in Taco Bell. I won!

Playboy LA (Stephen Nash) and Mystery at Home Depot. We found a hilarious little pine tree/branch and labeled it as Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree.

Mystery and I in set at Chateau Marmont.

Mystery playing the Didgeridoo. Style later gave this away in some promotion.

Tyler and his girlfriend from Seattle.

Twentysix’s suite that we made him as a joke.

Style unpacking his stuff. I think this was the first night I got there.

Mystery’s bed. You can see a Justin Timberlake poster that we put on his ceiling while he was out on a date, hoping to cause some awkwardness when they got back.

Tyler and that dude from Black Eyed Peas. He somehow knew who EVERY celebrity was. “Oh, that’s the bassist for X band. Let’s get pictures.”

TheOne making out with a girl at The Standard.

Papa in his hot tub in his bathroom. We went to IKEA and got a billion candles and spa pillows and stuff for it.

Papa and his parents, setting up his bedroom.

Mystery eating a napkin.

Dreamweaver eating a pickle at The Standard.

Twentysix romancing his hand.

Twentysix making his crazy hair spikes.


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