Multiple Lives

I just got into LAX last night. It’s amazing how so much time can pass, but I still remember the nuances of the city. Take La Cienega down past the big plaster donut, over the traintracks, and into Hollywood.

I drove past the old Project Hollywood house. It looks just as it ever did, except now there’s a family’s SUV in the driveway. I wonder if they know who used to live there.

Within minutes I’m transported back three years. I feel as though nothing’s changed. I’m home. Driving down sunset takes me past all of the familiar landmarks – places I used to eat at and visit every day. I make it to Style’s house without a GPS.

I have a whole circle of friends here. I don’t talk with them often when I’m not here, but once I get here it’s like nothing’s changed. To a lesser extent it’s like that in Boston as well. I abandon my Texas friends once in a while to go on these long trips, but they’re still there when I get back. Now that I’ve spent two months in Panama, it will always be familiar to me in the same way.

Todd’s here right now. It’s always strange to me when my different worlds cross. I like it.

With my projects I have a habit, that I’m currently winning battling with, of starting multiple projects and never fully investing myself in one of them.

Maybe I’m like that with my life, too.

There’s a famous experiment where they found that the optimal amount of Jellies to sell at once is eight. Any more and the choices paralyze people – they can’t make the decision.

I wonder if that will happen to me. As I visit new places and fall in love with them I want to live in them all. Todd and I drove around Santa Monica today and marveled and what a nice place it is to live. Great restaurants, the beach, and a Whole Foods that sells quart sized smoothies (which we each got, of course).

Creating this year’s itinerary was easy for Life Nomadic. Next year will be tougher because we’ll have too many good choices.


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