Maybe I Should Stop Watching Movies

Every time I leave a movie I always think, “I should never watch movies again.”

And then I remember that I told myself the exact same thing last time I watched a movie, but ignored it. When we were in Thailand we went to a really cool theater in the Siam Paragon to watch Indiana Jones 4. I had fond memories of the first three and even fonder memories of the video game.

Within about ten minutes I knew that I was not going to enjoy the movie. I gave it the benefit of the doubt until about halfway through and then I walked out and went down to check out the mall.

A few days later the guys were watching a movie on TV. Again I watched part of it and left to write halfway through.

Sometimes the movies aren’t even that bad, but I realize that even if it’s mildly entertaining, it’s still a waste of time.

Today Todd and I watched a movie that has Kristen Bell in it. I loved Veronica Mars, the TV show, so I thought I might like it. It was better than the previous two movies, but was still terrible.

So why do I keep watching these movies occasionally when I know that I’m going to think that they’re terrible?

It’s because once in a while they’re really good. And when I see a good movie, like the Godfather movies that we just watched, I think “Hey, if I had stopped watching movies then I wouldn’t have seen this one.

But the problem is that I probably dislike nine out of ten movies. That means that I’m spending 30 hours of my time to see one good story. That can’t be worth it.

Anyway, I’m really only writing this because I just saw a movie. I probably see 5 or less movies in a year besides documentaries (which are almost always worth it), so it’s not actually a huge problem.

Maybe now that I’ve written it down I’ll be a bit more selective about movies that I watch.

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