Lenovo Slim AC/DC Adapter

I love Lenovo/IBM/Thinkpad to death. I’ll write more about their laptops soon, but for now I’m going to talk about this new power adapter.

My old one broke in Panama, so as soon as I got to the US I ordered this one. Shipped overnight, it was expensive but worth every penny.

It’s very thin, which makes it easy to pack. Just wedge it in next to something else. I had a similarly shaped one from Targus many years ago but it broke and I could never find a replacement.

Even though it’s super thin it can also be used in cars and airplanes, unlike my other one. This would have been very useful on my trip to Tokyo, but United Airways doesn’t have power jacks for some reason.

You can also buy an adapter to simultaneously power a phone or mp3 player.

If you have a thinkpad (it even works with the older ones), get this thing. It’s great.

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