I’ve Got My Pockets Jammed With Jeffersons (and other updates)

My friend Jonah decided that he was going to break off his long standing relationship with the more common bills and use two dollar bills as the primary fodder in his wallet. I thought it was ingenious. Here’s why:

  • They’re uncommon. Everyone likes getting them.
  • They’re remarkably convenient for most purchases. Even having up to $50 in your pocket in Jeffies is pretty easy.
  • If you don’t mind occasionally being generous (or a bastard), you never need change.

I never like copying people’s quirks, but this one is too good. I told him that I wanted to copy it, but whenever anyone remarked how cool it was, I would give him credit. He agreed.

I went to the bank yesterday and as I was leaving, I remembered that I wanted to get some deuces (oh, did I mention how cool all the nicknames are for them?). They had just gotten a shipment in, so I got my hands on a freshly minted stack of 100 sequentially numbered two dollar bills. Thanks for the idea, Jonah!

In less jubilant news, I lost another fish today. When he left for Vegas, Manny gave me his awesome fish tank, stocked with only five fish. They did very well for a month or two, but when I went to Massachusetts and had the thermostat to heat, there was a heat wave. That resulted in one cute little guppie dying, and the danio getting sick.

Last week a golden gourami jumped out of the tank during one of my naps. I was really sad about him because I had trained him to kiss my finger, and if I walked around the tank, he would follow me.

The sick fish kept getting worse and worse. I looked it up online, and he had dropsy. The web site I went to said that there’s no cure, although the fish sometimes get better on their own. Unfortunately, mine kept getting worse. Yesterday I went to the pet store and mentioned it and he told me there was medicine for it! The poor little fish was on his last legs/fins, but I figured I’d try to save him anyway. I bought an additive that gets mixed with the water and treats fungus, medicated food, and also fizzy tablets that treat the water for bacteria. I did a water change and over the next few hours added all the medicines.

The next morning he was dead. 🙁

While at the pet store, I got another cool fish called a rope fish. It’s a 10″ long fish that looks like Trogdor, which is what I named him. One cool thing about him is that he can survive without water for up to eight hours, and even after he’s “dead” he may come back to life if you put him back in the water. I’m glad to hear it, since they’re also notorious for jumping out of the tank.

My traffic has died down since the major exposure from the penguin story. Fortunately, many people liked the blog and stuck around – About 20% of my visitors are repeat visitors now. Thanks to everyone who has linked to me and to everyone who checks out my blog every day.






4 responses to “I’ve Got My Pockets Jammed With Jeffersons (and other updates)”

  1. Pentarix Avatar

    No problem and keep at it, it’ll be huge before you know it!

  2. Stewen Wright Avatar
    Stewen Wright

    I’m reading daily BTW. Cant wait for the Pickup story to unfold although I can guess it from the book, wink wink. Just the other day Badboy told me hes story and its also great….damn I love those beginnings, always life turning and different fore everybody.

  3. Administrator Avatar


    Awesome… thanks a lot for visiting. When I started this site I was hoping it would take off, but I wasn’t sure if it would or not. To have people coming every day and enjoying what I write is a really an honor.

    You know some of the PUA story, but there are definitely some interesting parts missing. I’m working on it…


  4. arbitrary aardva Avatar
    arbitrary aardva

    I got the $2 bill trick from indy lawyer Steve Dillon. Last week I was at a strip club and a stripper I hadn’t seen in 8 years came up and asked me if I had any $2s.
    It works. I also have a handful of Eisenhower dollars here on my desk, maybe I’ll bring some out to the club next time.

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