My Experience Getting Covid

I tested negative in Germany, and boarded my flight. I felt great. When I woke up on the plane I noticed that I had a slight runny nose and just felt a bit “off”. I figured that the runny nose was probably just caused from the humidity of wearing a mask for so long and that I might just feel off because I stayed up all night to prepare for my flight.

Still, I was about to see my family for the first time in two years and they probably, on average, think I take too much risk by traveling, so I thought I’d get a covid test just in case.

And it came back positive!

I never had very bad symptoms. One day I coughed a couple dozen times, and another day I had a bad headache. I did have a general sense of discomfort that’s hard to describe exactly, but that was really only for a day or two. Most interestingly, I lost my sense of smell!

How Did I Get It?

Ironically, Germany is way more strict than Vegas with covid. At everything you go to you have to fill out a contact tracing form, prove you are vaccinated, and wear an actual KN-95 mask. Doing the same sorts of activities in the US vs Germany, you would be much safer in Germany. However, as a visitor I did more activities, so maybe the risk averaged out.

The one time I wasn’t forced to wear a mask (and thus did not wear one) was during a 90 minute ballet where everyone was vaccinated and spaced by at least 2 empty seats. Given that I never even talked to anyone without a mask on and really didn’t do much besides eat a few meals and go to museums, I think I probably got it during the ballet.

Should I Have Done Something Differently?

I previously wrote about how I evaluated covid risk, and now that I’ve had a bad outcome I think it’s worth asking the question of whether or not I should have done something different.

I will say that I really thought that even if I was exposed to covid, I wouldn’t actually contract it. I didn’t write this in the post, but I believed it. I was wrong on that count.

You have to be careful when analyzing decisions, because you can only make them based on what you knew or should have known. Of course if I had known that I would get covid at the ballet I would have worn a mask or not gone, but there is no way I could have assumed that.

If you zoom out and ask “was getting covid and derailing plans for 1-2 weeks worth living a relatively full life for most of covid?”, it’s a definite yes. However, I think that if I had done more research I could have realized that Pfizer efficacy decreases after around 6 months (and it had been almost exactly 6 months since I got it), and that Delta was breaking through vaccines. Couple that with the fact that a really important family trip was coming up and I think you could make an argument that I should have worn a mask at the ballet.

Then again, it’s hard to really remove the hindsight bias and I’m stubborn and proud enough of my immune system that I may have still not worn it.

Losing Smell and Taste

By far the most interesting part of this whole thing has been losing my sense of smell. I really saw it as a huge opportunity, because there are no normal situations where you lose one of your senses!

One day I was drinking my tea and I oversteeped it, but noticed it wasn’t bitter. And then I realized that I couldn’t taste it at all. I had been drinking on autopilot and wasn’t really even paying attention to what it tasted like.

What other sense could you lose and not immediately notice that you lost it?

My wife has a really bad sense of taste and small naturally, so when I ask her if she likes a tea she would say things like, “it tastes like any other tea”. This was really offensive to my tea snobbery, but now I totally understand it. While my sense of smell was bad I tried to drink all of least favorite teas to get rid of them. I think that now I understand her better. I also feel really bad now that I understand what her experience is like when we go to nice restaurants. She can’t taste anything that I enjoy!

I got very excited about maybe permanently losing smell, thinking I could make the grossest nutrient slurry by blending up fish and vegetables and drinking it every day. My sense of taste has come back mostly, though, so I guess that dream is out the window.

One interesting thing is that I believe my brain was getting at least some of the taste information but not translating it into a sensation. I ate some pineapple and could “tell” which pieces were sweeter, but couldn’t taste anything at all. It’s very hard to explain this, but I noticed several times that I could tell that something was sweet but really search and not taste anything.

The days when I didn’t have a sense of taste I really didn’t want to eat Chipotle, which surprised me. I guess the texture and consistency of a bunch of cold meat and vegetables mixed up isn’t great without the flavor.

I could experience spicy things. One day I ordered Korean food and even though I really couldn’t taste it I could feel the spice like normal. My wife really likes spicy food and doesn’t really like Chipotle, so this all makes sense.


There’s no way to know if anything I did mattered or not, but I did a few things to try to help myself heal faster.

The most interesting thing is that I used the sauna. I did 15-30 minutes on several days. My thinking was that since covid produces a fever response, the body must use heat to fight it, so I could maybe help it out by raising my body temperature. Interestingly, I got noticeably better on days following night-time saunas. For example, I took a sauna on day 1 and felt better on day 2. I didn’t take a sauna on day 2 and I felt worse on 3. After that I took a sauna every day and felt better every day. Might be a coincidence, but who knows?

I didn’t take any medicine, but I did drink tea every day, drink a lot of water and ginger tea, sleep as much as I could, and increased my intermittent fasting window.

Going Forward

Going foward I don’t plan on changing much. If there’s a can’t-miss trip coming up I may take extra precautions. I am probably much more immune for a while due to contracting covid, so I won’t have to worry about that for maybe six months.

I would always be willing in taking a booster shot, but I am now much more eager and will try to take them aggressively.


Photo is from the Ballet (Swan Lake) where I probably got covid. Maybe it was from that guy on the right!

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15 responses to “My Experience Getting Covid”

  1. Renee Avatar

    Research before you get a shot as you now how natural immunity and that has been found to be superior to getting shots 1 & 2. There is no booster shot for “Delta” – that is only same spike proteins as are in 1 & 2. Those getting shots after having natural immunity often do worse with subsequent shots. Take caution as per VAERS reporting there are 13000 deaths and 500K severe reactions directly linked to shots. Don’t believe MSM – do your own due diligence.

    1. Tynan Avatar

      13k deaths out of literally 6 billion shots is .0002167% death rate, which is thousands of times lower than the death rate of COVID. Happy to take those odds any day.

      1. Mob the Tob Avatar
        Mob the Tob

        Bam! Nice one Tynan.

    2. Tommy Avatar

      Stop spreading misinformation, Renee! Reports are NOT verified, nor is there any evidence they are “directly related” to the shot.

    3. Frankie Avatar

      My words below sound like I’m trying to sound smart. I’m not that smart, and I’m not trying to sound smart. I’m just trying to make the most factual statements I can with the least amount of emotion. I apologize if the candor of my speech seems robotic.

      I have done my own due diligence and strongly disagree that the COVID vaccine is inferior to natural immunity. Because of the enormity of evidence available that contradicts your conclusion, I require your contrary evidence to prove cause. I would appreciate a legitimate, peer-reviewed source that can be used as proof that natural immunity has been found to be superior to the vaccine. Do your own due diligence.

      There is no current recommendation to get a COVID booster shot in the United States. However, there is substantial proof that having the COVID vaccine provides an individual with a far better chance of remaining uninfected, even from the Delta variant. Because of the enormity of evidence available, I require your contrary evidence to prove your statement about COVID booster shots. Due your own due diligence.

      The definition of vast is “of very great extent or quantity; immense”. The *vast* majority of people dying from COVID are unvaccinated. I would appreciate any evidence that contradicts this extremely well-documented finding. Do your own due diligence.

      Most importantly: Reports to VAERS do not link any reaction to any vaccine directly to any cause. This is not the purpose of VAERS. The statistics pulled from VAERS do not offer any evidence of deaths caused by COVID or any other vaccine. Period. Do your own due diligence.

      My words above sound like I’m just a jerk trying to sound smart. This was not my intention. I was only trying to make the most factual statements I could with the least amount of emotion.

      Do you own due diligence.

      1. Bart Avatar
        This video explains that natural immunity after infection is better than jab immunity, even though officials don’t want to admit it.
        It’s also logical that it would be like this; infection with the virus gives the body the opportunity to get to know the complete virus with all proteins, whereas these mRNA jabs only focus on the spike protein.

        1. Dr John Anderson Avatar
          Dr John Anderson

          Oh yeah some random Youtube video really counts as due diligence. Congratulations man, you’ve really convinced me by babbling about protein and spikes.

          I mean the obvious thing is that getting natural immunity is far more likely to kill you than getting the vaccine is…

  2. Tony Avatar

    Tynan, great article, and I’m glad you were OK and self-tested. Because masks are so effective at reducing transmission, I adopted a simple rule: I wear a mask anytime I’m indoors and don’t need to have it off (i.e. drinking water, etc.)

    Last summer, I researched dozens of masks, bought eight kinds, and had the family test them to find a winner. The winner is a mask that’s comfortable, breathes well, is easily adjusted, and filters very effectively.

    My entire family has said they forget they’re even wearing a mask.

  3. Rashaan Avatar

    Don’t be so eager to permanently lose your sense of smell! Smelling smoke or natural gas can save one’s life.

  4. Charles Avatar

    I too have a poor sense of smell – and by extension probably taste as well. I have the opposite experience where I judge my girlfriend for being TOO picky about food (and smells) as she is really sensitive. Now I don’t have to judge her at all.

  5. Emma Avatar

    Interesting report. I am very attached to sensory experiences therefore I took the shots almost on just not wanting to loose my sense of smell or taste.
    I absolutely love tea too so I want to be able to taste it as much as possible

  6. Chris Stuart Avatar
    Chris Stuart

    Hi Tynan. Any chance you can remove the anti-vax comments from your blog? Unfortunately these guys pop up all over the place with their disinformation that puts lives at risk.

  7. Ashish Avatar

    There is an additional risk to Covid that deserves mentioning – the risk, regardless of your personal symptoms, of passing the infection on to immunocompromised people who may suffer much worse consequences.

  8. Edward Avatar

    My experience with Covid wasn’t too hateful. I have a medical exclusion to where it’s risky to take the vaccine so I had to kinda take my chances with it. What helped me primarily was monitoring my health, vitamins, and rest.

    The worst part was definitely losing taste. I never expected how awful that would be. The only things I could stomach were hot soups until my taste returned. Alongside that the general concern i may have infected someone else. I called everybody I was around the previous week to warn them and thankfully it didn’t get beyond my immediate family.

  9. Michael Avatar

    Who paid one of the largest criminal fines in history? — That’s exactly the kind of people that I’d trust I could still enjoy my wealth, and traveling, 5 years down the line … just kidding 😉 I wouldn’t want to get a really bad cold with loss of taste either; neither would I’d like to get Stockholm syndrome.

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