I Need Your Feedback on Life Nomadic

I’m getting close to having Life Nomadic laid out for print. Before I commit a version of it to something as permanent as paper, I’d like to get your feedback.


  • What did you want to hear about that I DIDN’T write about?
  • What did I talk about that you didn’t care about?
  • What was confusing?
  • Did you find any errors / typos?
  • Anything else I could do to make the book better?

I’d love to hear what you think of the book overall, but I’ll ask for that feedback in a couple weeks, probably after the print version is out. Until then I want to focus on how I can make it even better.

Feel free to email me (lnfeedback@cornrow.org) pages of suggestions or just one sentence. I might put a short acknowledgment section into the print book and include you if your feedback is particularly helpful.



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