How I Became a Professional Gambler

I had never gambled before and knew nothing about it, but I’d gotten too many e-mails like it. I was at my parents house for winter break during my first year at UT, and I was bored.

“Free $50 just for downloading our casino!”

Hmm. That doesn’t seem very risky. I might as well download to see what it’s all about.

I downloaded, and sure enough they added $50 to my account, which I quickly lost. Even though I lost it, there was a moment where I was up to $75. What if I had cashed out? Would they have actually given it to me? (actually the answer is no… later in my career I found out that that was a particularly sketchy casino)

Then I took a chance. I found another casino that promised to give me $200 if I deposited $200 at their casino. It was a lot of money – but that just made the free $200 more appealing. I was scared when I deposited, and my heart jumped when I saw my balance double to $400 instantly.


I played a few hands and was actually winning. I managed to get up to $500 and I cashed out. Was I going to get paid? I was skeptical, and felt like an idiot for trusting the site. There was no way they were about to give me $300 for fifteen minutes of playing a game at their site.

A few days later a strange envelope came for me in the mail. It was a check for the $500 I had won. Wow.

When I returned to school I found myself in the cafeteria eating with some friends. Also in attendance was a guy named Adam, who was a friend of a friend. I mentioned something about my gambling experience, and his ears perked up. He was interested in gambling too.

At that point I was playing cautiously, maybe winning or losing $20 a day. I didn’t have a ton of money, and I was just testing the ropes – I felt like there just HAD to be some way to make money doing it.

After lunch I invited Adam to join me and gamble on my computer. He brought along a computer blackjack game and the manual that came with it. We played a few hands and then the “blackjack strategies” section of the manual caught our attention.

The Double Martingale System.

It sounded exotic. We read the description of it and it seemed pretty legitimate :

Bet $1. If you win, you’ve just won a dollar and you’re done with this cycle. Start over.

If you lose, then you bet $3. If you win that you have won 3, lost 1, for a grand total of winning $2. That’s $1 per hand played.

If you lose again you bet $7. If you win that you’ve won 7, lost 4, for a grand total of winning $3. Still $1 per hand played.

In fact, as the progression escalated to 15, 31, 63, 127, 255 and beyond, you would always end up winning $1 per hand played. And you had to win eventually, right? It was genius.

We decided that we ought to go into business together and try this strategy out. Being the prudent business men we were, we played about five minutes on his simulation and declared the strategy a clear winner.

I had some money in one of my casino accounts, so we used that. At first it worked – we made maybe $30 or so. But then all of a sudden the progression had doubled and we had to bet over $500. We didn’t have that much money in our account. But that wasn’t the strategy’s fault – we just didn’t have enough money.

At this point it was about 7am. In our excitement we had stayed up all night playing and planning what to do with our massive winnings. That’s when we made an important decision – we would empty my bank account which contained the $1000 that constituted my life savings, and use that. We’d split the winnings or losses down the middle.

Excited, we went downstairs to the bank and wired the money. A few minutes later, it was all there. We placed our $500 bet and held our breath. 16 vs. 10. Not good. We hit, got a 2, and the dealer busted. We won! It felt great -we knew the strategy was good and that we had made the right decision.

The big bet scared us, though. I don’t remember exactly how we modified our strategy, but we somehow changed it so that after some point we would cut our losses and start the progression over.

But then something happened… instead of steady winning, we started losing. Soon we were down to only $800, but our resolve remained. We WOULD make this work. I was exhausted from staying up so late so I went to sleep while Adam continued to play.

When I woke up, it was like a kid on Christmas. l couldn’t wait to see the small fortune he had surely amassed. I logged in and checked the balance :


What? I expected an extra zero on the end – at least. I called Adam and woke him up.

“We need to get to playing. We need to make our money back.”

Equally foolishly, he agreed. By the time he got to my room we were down to $150. Soon that $150 had turned to $77. Our hopes had been dashed. We failed, and all of my money was gone.

But then something strange happened. It was as if fate didn’t wanted to avoid the imminent promises to never gamble again, and we started winning.

And winning. And winning. Soon we had recovered all of our money and then some! Our balance hit $2000. Every time we’d lose money we’d reevaluate the bizarre flowchart that described our strategy and add another branch to it.

Soon our friends were recruited, and a 24 hour playing schedule was implemented. We had a high score sheet where we’d write down our hourly profit and try to outdo each other.

We kept our lips shut about our winnings, but everyone in our dorm knew that we were gambling. More importantly, they knew that we had serious gambling problems. Random aquaintances would come up and try to explain the dangers of gambling. I’d keep a straight face, but inside I was dancing. I was going to be rich, and I wasn’t going to work for it.

Soon we were up to $5000 or so and felt invincible. But the rumors around the dorm were increasing – everyone thought we were pouring all of our money down the drain like idiots. We had to change their minds.

We declared that we were big winners and offered a chance to invest with us. Give us your money on friday and on monday we would return it, reflecting our win. So cocky we were, that we guaranteed against losses. No one wanted to take it. Finally we found one person and took his $100.

On monday we proudly returned $200. Everyone was amazed, and we were happy because we’d just topped $10,000. The money went to our heads and we started spending it. We spent some in real life and even more future profits in our heads. We’d buy boats, an island, planes, or whatever else we wanted. I never had a cell phone before, but I went and bought the most expensive one available at the time that only high powered executives could afford.

Soon we split into two teams and kept playing. We’d go to the business building at UT and play side by side, smirking at the business students who were cranking out their term papers. Within a few more days we reached $15,000.

I thought we were unstoppable. But Hayden, eternally more cautious than I, managed to unravel our strategy and do the math. We were getting lucky… the odds weren’t in our favor – they were just temporarily skewed and would catch up with us. As if on cue, Adam called to report a $5000 loss.

My whole world was crashing around me. The past couple weeks had me completely convinced I was on the fast track to wealth, and I didn’t want to let go of that dream. Reluctantly we cashed out and split the profits.

Adam spent his $5000 on cello camp that year, leaving him broke again the next.

My $5000 sat in the bank for a while until I decided to try again. More thorough this time I worked and worked to try to come up with a winning strategy. By some fate, one hit me. It couldn’t be that easy, could it?

Sure enough, the next few months proved that it could be that easy. I wasn’t making much, but $100 per day for just an hour or two of work became my routine. Some of the casinos would pay me like that first one did, others would stiff me. Some seemed to have the games rigged and I couldn’t win no matter what. As time passed I figured out which to trust and which to avoid.

I took my first job the next year. I wanted a car, but didn’t want to spend all my money on one, so I decided to get a job and pay myself back before quitting. Using most of the money I didn’t have in casinos I bought a 1985 Mercedes 380SE. It was my first Mercedes, and I was loved it.

My job was delivering pizzas, and I only needed to work for two months to recover the money spent on the car. Every day delivering in my Mercedes I would make $100, and then I would go home and make about that much gambling in just a few minutes. As pizza delivering became more boring, the gambling thing looked more attractive.

In a fit of irony my car actually broke on the way home when I was one day away from earning enough to pay myself back for it. The timing chain was broken and the car was totalled.

So much for a real job. I needed to focus on gambling and buy another Mercedes.

Shortly after, I decided to drop out of school. Class was getting in the way of gambling and thanks to Papa Johns Pizza, I knew I would never get a real job again – the money isn’t good enough to justify giving up my precious time. With gambling I could play whenever I wanted, take time off when I wanted, and play from anywhere in the world.

I gleefully marched into the UT counselor’s office.

“What can I help you with today?”
“I’d like to drop out”
“Oh… ok. Well.. why would you want to do that?”
“Because I don’t like doing this, so I’m not going to”
“I’ll just mark it as a semester off so that you can come back”
“No. I’m done.”

And I was done. It felt surprisingly good.

Calling my mother didn’t feel quite as good. In her life priority list, school is a clear number one. And possibly numbers two and three too. The conversation ended when she hung up on me :

“… Fine Tynan. Go play some poker. *click* “

It seemed like a good enough idea to me. She was convinced for a long time that I wasn’t making any money. I’ll never forget the quote : “Tynan, if you took a second and actually added up how much you won and lost, you’d find out that you were actually losing.”

She was wrong, though. My monthly income doubled within a few months of dropping out. After a few months she began speaking with me again, and eventually gave me some of the money they had saved up for college to use in my gambling business. After that my income hit six figures and stayed there.

The next six years, peppered with a few stressful disasters, was pretty smooth sailing. I never worked more than 20 hours a week, and often less than 10. I hired employees, got an office, and had custom accounting software written. I even paid my taxes.

Finally I burnt out, though. It occured to me that although it was easy enough to make a huge salary every year, I was never going to become a multi millionaire from gambling. It has a limit. Also, after playing millions of dollars of hands every year, I just got sick of seeing casinos.

Yesterday after a business partner reneged on a deal that we made, I decided it’s finally time to quit and move on to bigger and better things. I’ll still deal with my existing cashouts, but within a month or two I’ll probably be done with gambling for life. It’s a bittersweet goodbye, since gambling was so incredibly profitable and fun for me.

It seems like a dumb idea to forfeit so much easy money, but the fact is that I don’t enjoy it anymore. I really believe that it’s important to enjoy what one does, so I’m going to work on becoming a rapper.

[Deleted affiliate link]

Two gambling related books that I love are : Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six M.I.T. Students Who Took Vegas for Millions and
Busting Vegas : The MIT Whiz Kid Who Brought the Casinos to Their Knees.

Good luck!

EDIT: Someone has told me that Casino On Net is no longer 100% reputable. The incident he mentioned had to do with marketing and not player relations, but it’s now been more than two years since posting this and I no longer know which casino is the best.

EDIT 2 (12/25/2009): This post is now four years old and gets a lot of people angry. Let me clear a few things up:

1. Yes, I was really a professional gambler for seven years. The idea that I would lie about this to make up a blog post (which all of my real life friends and family have read) is insane.

2. I will NOT tell how I made money. I will not tell you why. If you want to make money gambling, I suggest you play poker.

3. The links to Casino-On-Net are affiliate links. I don’t know if I still get paid for them, since this was posted almost four years ago. I don’t know if they’re still a good casino. Back when I played they were easily the most reputable casino. They might not be anymore. Either way, I would NOT recommend gambling with them or anyone else.

4. I thought this was clear in the post, but I wasn’t a very good writer back then: you are not at an advantage over the casino if you do the Martingale system. I got lucky.






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  1. Stewen Wright Avatar
    Stewen Wright

    This is fairly new in Croatia, only recently did I acctually see a casion in RL. I did won a few bucks on those rotary machines…. nice to hear the cash dingling down there 🙂 Small profit, big fun!

  2. Sean Avatar

    What’s with that query string in the link to the casino? Part of the affiliate program? Are you making money off the people you send there?

  3. Administrator Avatar

    Sean, yes I am. It is one of the lower paying affiliate programs – but I recommend it because it is the most trustworthy casino by far. Before I had earned commissions from them I recommended it for free.

  4. Asian Playboy Avatar
    Asian Playboy

    Why not just keep the existing cashflow and use it to buy a business that you’re seriously interested in if the casino business doesn’t require your constant supervision and attention?

    No one goes into the real estate because they absolutely LOVE apartment buildings and houses, they go in for the cashflow & appreciation which can be leveraged for bigger and better things.

  5. Vierstein Avatar

    AsianPlayboy, I assume it also has to do with the time. As they say time is money, and Tynan thinks he can invest his time better.

    But Tynan you said there was a flaw in the system, and that you developed a better strategy, but you aren’t revealing it.
    Now first of all, the The Double Martingale System looks solid, but you say there’s a flaw. So I’ll think about it, I’m sure i can find it. But is the flaw there in the theory or only in the application of it?
    Also do you think it’s possible to figure out a winning system without first playing a hand?

    Also is casino-on-net US only?

    I would never have thought it was actually possible to ever consistently top the house, but this has me intrigued so I’ll take a look into it.

  6. Administrator Avatar

    Asian Playboy :

    The problem is that it does require my intermittent involvement, and when it does require my involvement, it usually means that there’s a huge fire I need to deal with. I’m thinking about continuing at a smaller scale, mainly because my brother needs a job.

    Vierstein :

    There’s a lot of debate over whether or not the Double Martingale System has a flaw or not. I believe, as do most people, that it does. The practical problem is that eventually you will need to do huge bets, so it requires an infinite bankroll.

    I think it might be possible to figure out a winning system without playing if you understand every subtlety of the game already. I would at least play for fake money to see how it works.

    Casino on Net is international. I’m pretty sure they accept registration from any country.

    It is very possible to top the house. You may want to check out those MIT books to see how they did it. It’s pretty fascinating stuff.


  7. Administrator Avatar


    Also, to full answer your question – Yes, I have a better system. I can’t share it because of existing obligations to colleagues, but honestly I wouldn’t share it even if I could. If too many people do it, it will end, and who knows if I might need it in the future.

    Dedicated people may figure it out. Casino on Net is actually particularly vulnerable to my strategy (though there are a few shadier casinos which are even more vulnerable).


  8. Stewen Wright Avatar
    Stewen Wright

    How about roullete? Yesterday on Casino on net I went from 1000$ to 6000$ in a few hours, but then lost it all cos I was playing and reading help at the same time :). At first I was loosing big, and come to conclusion that they arent very smart or are really honest letting me lose FAKE money. Im seriously thinking of spending 200$ on this… it will make an interesting story though :))))

  9. Becca Avatar

    So far so good on the practice. I can totally see how you would get bored with this and want to move on though. It’s hard to concentrate and remember betting/winning after a while.

  10. Stewen Wright Avatar
    Stewen Wright

    Ahhh you are a bad influence! I just wiered 50$ in casino, real money man, money I bleeded for and worked phisically! Well I got 70$ gift and won additionall 30$. Now I have cashed out my initiall bloody real 50$, so now im just playing along with the rest 100$. NICE!! Shit… im sick whit all the excitement, this is a LOT of money for me.

  11. Administrator Avatar

    Bender : Awesome! Congrats on your win… now maybe less bleeding and working physically this month?


  12. Rhythm Avatar

    Is your formula mathamatically sound?

    Or have you just got lucky?

    I only know one formula that is mathamatically sound, and thats the dealers!!!!

    ps Do you count cards in your formula?

  13. Administrator Avatar

    It’s mathematically sound. It would have to be for near daily playing over 6 years. Unfortunately I can’t talk about the strategy…

  14. Nick Avatar

    Just out of curiosity, what types of gambling where you doing? Blackjack? Poker? Anything else?

    And which one provided most of your income?

  15. Sunnan Avatar

    Vierstein, here’s the flaw:

    With the double martingale, if the betting unit is $1, and your bankroll is $255, and your win chance is approx 47%, you’d have a 99.7% chance of winning an average of $1.68, but everytime you do lose, you lose your entire bankroll of $255.

    If you, at those times, manage to hustle together the additional $511 needed to try one more round, you have a 47% percent chance of winning and walking away with a measly $9 dollar profit, once all your debts are paid of. You have a %53 chance of losing AGAIN, this time needing $1023 (really time to harass friends and family) and if you (and you still have a less than %50-percent chance, depending on the game, of course) manage to win, you’ll only walk away with a $10 profit — that’s popcorn and a movie for putting your life on the line!

    Everytime you double+one your maximum bankroll (your bankroll is never better than the highest martingale number it contains: $500 still has as much chance of losing as $255; you’d need to have $511 to make a difference) you still only increase your average winnings by a couple of cents, while actually also increasing your average losses (because even though you’d lose half as often, you’d lose more than twice as much each time!).

    So your total wins are always, no matter how you adjust the numbers, less than your total losses. It might take a while to actually run into a loss, but as you start to play hundreds of times, they WILL happen, and you will lose EVERYTHING those times.

    I thought this blog entry was intended as a parody on Steve Pavlina’s “How I became a card counter”-article, much like many other entries on this blog are hilarious Pavlina parodies (If Steve posts about making money of his blog, you can be sure that Ty will post about that, too). The referral link to a casino last gives it a sour aftertaste, though, as Ty will make a profit from everyone who gets their hopes up from the article.

    Making money without working is appealing, and I’m all for not working, but it’s a shame when it is done by scamming average, hard-working people. Ty’s affiliate-laden marketing of The Skinny Snob feels similarly dishonest.

    Good luck with your further endeavours!

  16. Administrator Avatar


    It is not a mathematically sound strategy, of course.

    “We were getting lucky… the odds weren’t in our favor – they were just temporarily skewed and would catch up with us. As if on cue, Adam called to report a $5000 loss.”

    However, the post is no parody. I really was a professional gambler for the past six years, and casino on net really is the best casino to play at. Do I get paid when people go there? Yes. What’s wrong with that?

    I actually don’t like the way I have to market The Skinny Snob, but the fact is that it is the healthiest and best way to lose weight (except maybe raw foods, which no one will do), and I’m happy to market aggressively to get it in the hands of people who need it.

  17. Sunnan Avatar

    “Do I get paid when people go there? Yes. What’s wrong with that?”

    I’ve been trying to think less in terms of absolute right and wrong, lately, but I’m usually a bit wary of profiting on telling people to do things they don’t need and that might actually be harmful to them, you know?

    It’s a semi-dishonesty that kind of sours the relationship.

    I live in a town where one of the biggest employers is a betting corporation, and at school we were several people who declined working with this corporation for ethical reasons. One of us had worked with poverty outreach, and had met enough people who’ve lost their houses and families to gambling to ever want to work for a place like that. As for me, just the fact that they market their game with “you can be a winner”, “you can win thousands” felt so dishonest, because the house wins the lottery every week.

    Working for the lottery corporation just didn’t feel like a worthwhile endeavor.

    Personally, and I’m speaking strictly for myself, I feel less like a leech when I’m on welfare than if I were working for a gambling or marketing corporation, or if I were in production of something that still would end up on the dump (we’re throwing away so many unsold goods! that’s market forces for you).

    I might not contribute to society in any way that counts in the eyes of The Man, (although I do try to help out my friends as much as I can,) but at least I’m not actively harming society, our planet or other people.

    As for The Skinny Snob, the way its marketed right now really makes lowers the credibility of both it and its author; I’m sure the thought has crossed more minds than mine that you didn’t actually write it. Your link to it is not an explicit referral URI, as many other sites that market this books similarly has, but maybe (I occasionally, but not always, think) you have some other deal with them — maybe as simple as them checking their logs for the referral. Or maybe you’re behind the entire operation.

    If you believe that raw foods are the healthiest (personally, I’m more of a grains and beans kind of vegan, but I’ve been eating a lot of fruit as I’ve been transitioning to polyphasic) then tell people that! Some will listen.

    Just like when I tell people about what I subjectively perceive as horrible flaws in our society’s current model for dividing/distributing tasks and resources, many people will just believe that I’m some sort of “smug, naive commie”, especially since it’s a topic I like to talk about without irony, and people are used to irony when it comes to that matter. But some will listen.

  18. Administrator Avatar

    The book is, in fact, written entirely by me. As you know, I’ve only been eating raw for one month, so it would be irresponsible for me to push that as the tried and true healthiest diet. I wrote the Skinny Snob not because I wanted to write a diet book, but because I ate like that for 8 months and saw great results.

  19. Sunnan Avatar

    Right, I guess I agree about not pushing the raw diet; however, it’s the marketing that’s the problem.

  20. Jonathan Avatar

    I am interested in learning which games you were playing as well.

    I don’t really feel like slaving away for the rest of my life while someone else above me in the food chain gets rich off of my sweat and time!

    I suppose finding a way to break the cycle is the key…I’m not saying gambling is the way. It is called gambling for a reason. I see it as an option I have not given serious, analytical thought to.

    I would love to work only 10 hours a day…that way I could work on writing my books and movie scripts that are swimming through my head!!! I could do that now, but the worries of life and debt are large interferences.

    Maybe I will look into it!

  21. Ebony Avatar

    I’d also like to know which games you played and which offered you the best return on your investment. Was it: Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, Craps? Slots and Keno are just luck, but the previously mentioned ones have decent odds of winning. If it was blackjack, did you count cards like how the MIT students did?

  22. Administrator Avatar

    I’ve played most games in different circumstances. However, 70% of my play or more was on Video Poker. It offers the best odds consistently.

  23. Sassel Avatar


    Thanks for the interesting read. Did you ever get that second Mercedes?

    You mentioned that you were making six figures a year but was that low, mid, or high? Couldn’t you have become that multi-millionaire if you expanded your work force or the time you spent on it?

  24. Sir Turj Avatar
    Sir Turj

    Tynan never said he had a 70% edge over the house; he said he played video poker 70% of the time.

    But I do have a question: If video poker is the game he made his money on, why would he have “huge fires” to put out? It’s not like one can bet $5k, $10k, $25k on a single video poker hand and blow your fortune in a single day. It’s a slow war of attrition, not a sudden fire. Something smells fishy here.

  25. Vierstein Avatar

    OK, I’ve been thinking about this every now and then. And I’m gonna take a look around the demo and see if i can find a winning strategy. but tell me this. You say you figured out one strategy, and yet you say that you played different games. so was this strategy applicable to many games? like the double martingale?
    I can’t think of anything of the top of my head, but I’ll check out the odds and see if i can work out anything mathematically, i was always a whiz in maths, should come in handy.

  26. Ebony Avatar

    There’s always the strategy of Bonus stealing. Sign up at different casinos or at the same casino but with different accounts, get the $200 bonus, and play something with very low house odds, like Ty’s Video poker, and you’ll walk away with a good portion of that free bonus. Repeat 3 times a day and make about $100k a year.

    Sounds good, but by now most casinos have ways to combat such tactics.

  27. Statcat Avatar

    It’s probably reckless to suggest that the most enjoyment you get out of gambling is actually to play the fun games like poker for their own sake, and steer clear of the totally random ones like Roulette.

    The idea of a mathematically sound gambling model, however, is appealing to all. I pretty much understand why Ty is keeping it to his chest, even without his obligations. If you’re smart, go figure one out yourself. I can’t!

  28. tomas Avatar

    Diesel Mercedes W123 models are notoriously endurant cars, lasting well into the hundreds of thousands of miles. If it’s the classic Mercedes look you seek, I’d recommend one. They’re most commonly found in models: 200, 240, 280, 300, 350, etc. If you find one in good enough physical shape with around 150,000 miles or less it makes a great initial purchase. But if you don’t plan on disposing of it when something breaks, the price will catch up to you very quickly. A twenty year old Mercedes is still a Mercedes so maintenance costs are still high as they were in 1981.

  29. Ebony Avatar

    Tynan, your gambling secret is STILL on my mind! I even took a trip to Vegas this year and I couldn’t stop thinking about it while I was there. Take pity on a poor chap and at least answer this question: Would your strategy work equally well in real-life casinos, or is it more limited to the realm of the internet? By the way, I believe internet gambling was recently made illegal by congress. Not 100% sure on that, though.

  30. Aximilation Avatar

    I’ve played a similar strategy, and it did work for me. The key was to always start low, and work it up, bit by bit. I believe you always took the total amount you had lost and bet it plus some, or doubled it, depending on where you were. No matter when you did win, you always won all you had lost and then some, exponentially to the number of times you had lost.
    The flaw I found:
    You’re playing with statistics.
    There’s a 50% chance you will win $1 when you play one “set”.
    75% Chance at $3
    87.5% chance at ….?
    etc etc etc.
    The more rounds you can make, the larger percent chance you have to win.
    The value I calculated was based on the amount you would win multiplied by the percent chance you have to win it.
    If you take the value of 6 rounds, you have $XX, a good deal of money, but if you subtract that percent total from 100, you get the percent chance you will lose all in 6 rounds. (0.0156%) When you multiply that percentage times the amount you would lose if you passed 6 rounds, I believe it exceedes the amount you would have won in 6 rounds, statistically.

    Sure it’s a very small percentage, and it gets smaller and smaller the more rounds you are able to cover, (that’s why you stay SMALL, don’t get greedy or you cut your number of rounds rapidly) but there’s always that chance you will lose it because you can’t afford the last of a set. In reality, many patterns will earn you money at a steady rate for the most part, for hours on end possibly because you have not had the ill luck of a losing streak of 15 losses, but in theory it will happen. True, if you play for a couple days, 100 games or so, you should be safe, but you end up multiplying that small chance you will lose by the number of times you play a set. Play a week, you should be alright. Play a couple months? 0.0156% * 5000 games (random est.) gives you 78% chance of losing all if I am correct. (saying you quite at 6 rounds) But…the more rounds you can play, the safer you are, and if you keep adding the money so you can go more and more rounds, you may just be fine. (make sure there is no max bet. That just SUCKS.)

    In the real world, you should be able to pull this off if you can start out with enough to cover 6-8 rounds. The key to not getting screwed by statistics is to take a steady wage out as time goes by, and you won’t lose it. Believe me, if you are at 9, 10 rounds of losing in a row, you *know* you have to win the next time, no matter the cost, but at that point you still have a 50-50 chance of winning or losing all your money.

    So yes, it can work, and yes it can be risky as well.


    Something of that sort should work if you have enough to cover.

    Be safe if anyone tries it….I just may go for real money some time now that I think of it. Using strategies such as this I would be able to take $100 and play for an hour or two and earn a couple hundred more. It’s always tempting to start out with 5 or 10 though, but that really kills you fast. Stick with the slow and steady because flukes do happen.
    If you have more questions, email me: webmaster (a t)

  31. cz Avatar

    So you gambled online for 6 years but couldn’t google for some math?
    ( has great information on gambling and odds)

    There is not betting system that will beat a game with a house edge, negative expectation or whatever you prefer to call it. The Martingale system will make you lose more money than flat-betting. If anyone thinks otherwise he is welcome to put his money where his mouth is and I’ll take a bet of any size, that his betting system does not work.

    There is a way to beat online casinos of course, since they give out 100% or higher bonuses. The house edge will only eat from your bonus as you play towards the wagering requirements.

  32. Ted Avatar

    CZ is correct- you got lucky. You can’t turn a -EV wager into a +EV wager by changing betting patterns. It’s not mathematically sound.

  33. undergroundman Avatar

    Conclusion: bullshit.

  34. Rupert Avatar

    I think you’re playing on human emotions and greed in order to get people to click those links…. You’re a low life

  35. Tynan Avatar

    Just click the links, Rupert. Do it.


  36. kyle Avatar

    well i clicked the link, and they dont offer real money game to players in the us. I thought I heard that on the news somewhere. THanks for nothing. haha. Kidding.

    Anyways, Ive always been interested in casino’s and cant wait to have moeny to go to a real one. Vegas for my 21st b-day in like 1 year. But everytime i play the casino games online or just video game verisons im alwasy stuck on roulette. It seems to give the best payout, and i think the stratgeys could vary aloT on this game.

  37. Tynan Avatar

    Yeah, it’s no longer possible to legally gamble in the US. Glad I’m already out…


  38. Sir Turj Avatar
    Sir Turj

    Now that internet gambling is illegal, can you finally reveal what your secret method was? I have an idea of what it was, but don’t want to blurt it out without your permission. (I’ll make an acronym out of my explanation though, to keep it in code for now: YUMCWPBPTPVP2HADA1POTGASLTP).

  39. Tynan Avatar

    I’ll never tell… for a bunch of reasons.

  40. Sir Turj Avatar
    Sir Turj

    Not even if I waterboard ya?

  41. pete Avatar

    wolfy ty won t tell so please explain your acronym so we can further this debate….

  42. Sir Turj Avatar
    Sir Turj

    If Tynan’s not talking then I better not either.

  43. Mikey Avatar

    There’s a reason why the Martingale system is also known as ‘the gamblers ruin’ – because that’s what it will do to you in the long run.

    Any Professional Gambler will tell you that if you can’t show a profit using level stakes – then no other staking plan will work.

    You are ‘chasing’ if you use Martingale, progressively betting that will prove destructive to your finances and to your wellbeing no doubt.

    The odds are against you on every hand you play so you cannot win in the long term.

    If there’s one thing to take from this whole page it should be this: THERE IS NO SECRET FORMULA TO MAKE MONEY FROM GAMBLING – END OF.

  44. rarson Avatar

    I can’t believe that, with all the comments that are here, none of them address how utterly ridiculous is the notion that some kid plays online poker and calls himself a “professional gambler.”

  45. professionalgamb Avatar

    fuck u tynan idiot…i think u r promoting gambling website…fucking affliate

  46. YC Avatar


    People the story above is obviously to trick you in to playing online casino’s! Don’t do it!

    As far as professional gambling?

    Daniel Negreanu and other braceletholders are profesional gamblers, they play POKER!

    If you do play casino games, it’s all in the head. As long as you think long-term profits and don’t ‘Tilt’ while placing bets. U can call your self a Pro.

    U can’t play for fun or entertainment if u wanna be like a pro. See a bet as an investment to make money.

    There is a difference between playing for fun and making money. Its al decided mentally.

    maybe it’s bullshit, maybe not. You decide

  47. JRC410 Avatar

    After reading all this, if anyone is really truly interested in exploring the whole idea of becoming a professional gambler, they should check a book called “How to make $100,000 a year gambling for a living” by David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth. The real key is to only play games where skillful play can result in a player advantage. The long and short of it is that games like: poker, blackjack (using card counting and a favorable situation–such as single deck games), sports betting and special promotions (such as internet casino bonuses). Then of course, you need to know how to manage money because even if you are playing “beatable” games as described above, your results can still vary tremendously (statistically speaking). Also, if you think about it, in poker you are not playing against the house–you simply need to be a better player than your competition! I lived in Vegas for 7 years and the most successful people I knew were poker players. This should tell us something. With sports betting, the whole world has changed in recent years. You can still get online at offshore sportsbooks (even with that stupid law Bush signed earlier)…and by the way, technically speaking internet gambling for US citizens is NOT and has NOT been made illegal. What the law did was make it illegal for the casino’s (and their banks) to accept the money specifically for the purpose of gambling. You can still find ways around these regulations.

    Yes, sportsbooks. There are so many different ways to bet sports now that the traditional pointspread betting has to a large degree gone out the window. Just look at some offshore books and see the vast array of teasers (where you can actually move the spread in 2+ games…you do have to win both to win money, though), point buying opportunities, totals wagering, etc…. Sportsbooks will run promotions and advertise bets that they know they can be beaten at! Before the boards jumps all over me for saying this, understand that this is MARKETING. They know that most players will come on board, trying out their latest gimmick. Maybe they have some early success. However, then they start playing other games (maybe in the casino) or making other sports wagers that they not have the knowledge to bet profitably. This has the effect of eating away all their initial profits and maybe even giving back most of their original stake.

    I know this post has been rambling a bit, but I hope I have given some useful information. Bottom line is that I think (heck, I KNOW) it’s possible to be successful at gambling, but it requires focusing on beatable games, and a large amount of discipline, self-control, and excellent money management (as well as a solid bankroll going in to weather short-term fluctuations).

  48. musab Avatar

    lets clear things up for you guys reading this.

    -tynan will not post his money making system
    -yes tynan is making money from people signing up to the casino
    -and yes tynan was a profesional gambler

    if you want to ask for his system, then just click the x on the top right hand corner. seriously just understand that he cares more about his friends then he ever will about you. so for this reason he will never tell any of you his winning formula. and if that makes him a bad person then so be it…

    all of a sudden just because he put links up to the website, he is a cheat and a scumbag? wow you guys are morons, hes currently travelling the world, he needs to make a few extra bucks some how.

    and to all those people doubting that tynan was even a gambler making tonnes of money, read “the game” written by Neil Strauss, who documented his journey becoming a PUA, he says “Herbal T (tynan) runs a shady gambling operation” or something along those lines. so thats proof right there.

    i asked tynan on his forum about gambling, and he pointed me to the casino on net website, without the affiliate link, which just proves that he isnt all about scamming people. i mean jesus, if it offends you that much that he insterted the link, just fucking go to google and go to the casino on net from their and then try it out.

    if you want to send me hate mail then go ahead, i couldnt care less, [email protected]

    //im just saying it as it is.

    and for all those who agree with me, thank god there are some sane people around here.

    anyways regardless, have a nice day!

  49. tom Avatar

    the person that wrote this article is a bullshitting liar, don’t take any notice of it

  50. jrg Avatar

    I don’t have any real doubts about this article and really couldn’t care less about its accuracy, but I just had to comment on what musab said. I literally laughed out loud when you used a one liner from a shady book about how to pick up easy women as ‘proof’ of anything… college is going to be a breeze for you, buddy.

  51. Mike H. Avatar
    Mike H.

    The Double Martingale System has been around forever, just known as different names. I actually used it and came out a winner. I moved to Vegas before computers were big (1988) and used this system. It worked for me and I’m going back (left Vegas for a women – nuff said).

    I had a fully furnished apartment that was $235.00 a month (utilities, swimming pool, all included). I had to make $8.00 a day to pay my rent.

    My goal was $20.00 and I had a $1,000.00 bank roll. I would make 20 bucks before I started to lose. I did this for 18 months, till I went back to the midwest to get married. I LOST THAT BET!

    Don’t get greedy and have fun with it. I enjoyed people watching and meeting peeps from all over the world. I don’t like working so I always kept my greedyness in check by keeping this in my mind. Stay cool or get a job!

    I have made money from online casinos in the past. Goldkey Casino was a good one to play. They always paid me off plus sent me tons of bonus items. Clocks, suitcases, calculators ect. Made good Christmas Gifts (smile).

    Best book that I ever read was ‘The Weekend Gambler’ by Major Riddle, who used to own the Dunes. I told a buddy about this book. He read it and it was the first time that he ever came home from Vegas with any money.

    This book talks about more than just the games. It tells why the games are placed where they are and the mindset of the carpet’s color. I highly recommend this book, if you can find it……

    Take care and see ya in Vegas……

  52. Tynan Avatar

    FunnyGuy / All other doubters:

    The story, like all of my other stories, is true and without exaggeration. There’s no point on writing lies here.

    Most of the things you say are true (for example, there IS no mathematical betting strategy or playing strategy that makes blackjack profitable). However, you are out of your depth. Read the books I recommend. They win at blackjack because they thought OUT OF THE BOX.

    If it was something anyone could guess, the hole would be plugged instantly.

    When I started playing the job was 10% avoiding being discovered and 90% playing and winning. By the end it was more like 70% avoiding and 30% playing. The US government was making it harder and harder, and I realized there was no future in it.

    There are also some other factors involved. In anything like this where a lot of money is being made by a small group, there is a lot of secrecy involved. That’s why the story is incomplete. I always keep secrets, even if I don’t personally judge it as being relevant anymore, because it’s not my place to judge.

    Anyway, take it or leave it. I recommend that casino because it is the most reputable one by far. Many other casinos pay way more for a signup, but are less reputable.

    Back when I wrote the article, it was still possible to do what I did at that casino, so if someone had an open mind and a bit of creativity, maybe they could have figured it out. I have no idea if it’s still profitable to do or not.

    I don’t know if anyone still does what I do. I suspect that it is not very profitable anymore, but who knows? The few gambling friends I stay in touch with have all moved to poker.


  53. The Dude Avatar
    The Dude

    I know plenty of people who have tried this strategy and LOST big time. You need to have a large bank roll to make this work.

  54. Tom777 Avatar

    Wow, Reading your post SO reminds me of my own adventures into gambling however I never gambled online. I took a trip to Las Vegas in my early 20’s and I was truly sucked in right away. On my first trip I won 300.00 playing a quarter slot machine. That first feeling of winning was the greatest feeling on Earth! I felt like I suddenly had magical powers and could do ANYTHING. Amazingly, I did win a lot of the time, I came back home and began reading all the books I could find on gambling and systems like the martingale, blackjack strategy, slots, etc.

    About 6 months later, I went back to Las Vegas, this time on a mission to test my skills. I WON like crazy, 700 on one slot machine, 200-300 on several others in one day. I had a really good system that involved finding the LOOSE machines in a casino based on floor placement and watching other players and their winnings.

    I also won about 1500.00 playing Baccarat and Roulette betting on Black and Red using the martingale.

    I have yet to return to vegas because I got caught up in my job but I have always wanted to move to Las Vegas and become a Professional Gambler for a living. IT CAN BE DONE and it beats the crap out of a day job.

  55. Sato Avatar

    Hello. You’re a lier man!!! There is no way in the universe that you made so much money using this system or any other system!!! Shame to you..

  56. Bogdan Avatar

    where did you play blackjack ?what site

  57. ronnie Avatar

    fudge packing bastards all of you!!!

  58. Agron Avatar

    Okay, I read the entire post, and all the comments, you may all think it is not working or you will lose big time but…

    What if I said I have tried it? I am only 18 and play with my dads account who of course is over 21. Well, thing is I tried this, it was introduced to me by a friend (who plays on his mothers account(father passed away)).

    It does work, if you know how to play blackjack decently, you win restart the cycle, you lose well bet higher then dammit.

    Do what my friend and I do, when we play on our parents’ account (I have 2 computers in the same room…we play at the same time every weekend…in the same place)…make a dam long spreadsheet with the amounts you bet in the specific increments so that if you lose, you can just look at the printed paper in front of your face and bet the next needed amount.

    Start out with the min bid and keep going up, until it’s (I think) 4 times less than total amount you have to put into it. (Be smart, if you know you don’t have 960 something dollars to bet next if you lose 480 get out while you can..and restart cycle).

    I have never had a job, my friend has never had a job, (my father, and his mother does have a job)…they supply us with the initial amount of money…and we play from there.

    Not sure if tynan is lieing on his profits, I would not be able to hit 6 figures, (best to be on the safe side and bet low, play with less cash, and win $$ (covering all expenses)every last game I play for the day.

    I honestly think 700-1,200$ a couple days work (play all day long)on initial 100$ investment, is soo much better than the amount of money I would be making working at who knows where, (especially without a college degree…)…1,200 a week times 4 weeks is 4,800.00 a month, (to do whatever with)especially since I have no expenses…4,800.00 times 12 months is 57k a year.

    What my friend and I do is a bit more complex (it has some more parts so we know we don’t lose), but it works the exact return a week is not exact it is average, some times I make 500$ sometimes I make 1000$ but heck, it’s fun and I am probably one of the few 18 year olds that makes that much money over the weekend.

    I own websites, (which bring income)…started playing blackjack when I was 16, introduced to us by our neighbor Johnny and his wife Liz who play blackjack every night at their house against each other??? Well I don’t think it matters if one loses or the other wins, husband and wife sharing/paying for the same bills anyways.

    Tynan glad to see you gave people some insight on a VERY small part of a REALLY long trick to winning.

    (Also johnny and liz tried this on vacation in Las Vegas, playing roulette…(too bad they don’t have this online..(do they?).

  59. The Truth Avatar
    The Truth

    What a scam.

  60. Nate Avatar

    Isnt internet gambling illegal now, agron?

  61. Jack Chambles Avatar
    Jack Chambles

    You are full of prunes. The Martingale system is the riskiest gambling system you can try. One slip, and you are broke. You can’t come back. That’s the flaw. Only if you had millions, could you hope to make it work. Then, just to win $1.00.

    You claim 6 figures annually. I don’t think so.

    This in only glitter to attract the novice so you can earn a commission.
    Unsubscribe me.
    Jack Chambles

  62. Emil Avatar

    I’m 97% confident he was cashing in sign-up bonuses as I have scrutinized these things. Why?

    First,it was possible back then, many people did that, but there is almost no point of doing it now since it became too popular and casinos had to adjust their bonus T&C’s.

    I really wish I had been over 18 at that time…

    I don’t know if anyone still does what I do. I suspect that it is not very profitable anymore, but who knows? The few gambling friends I stay in touch with have all moved to poker. – Tynan

    Second,casino games have stayed pretty much the same for many years, only T&C’s of bonuses have changed.

    Third, he mentions using
    video poker a lot, which was one of the top games for cashing in casino bonuses.

    And finally, you cannot beat the house edge with any staking plan. The odds of every bet are against you.

    How was Tynan able to make so much money? He simply extracted bonuses from different casinos with different identities. As it is a little shady, he does not want to talk about that.

    That is my guess and it might not be true 🙂 I hope he is not going to delete my post.

    P.S. I am launching a free website that will reveal a similar strategy (that is still profitable) in a couple of weeks. If anyone is interested, drop me a line and I will send you a link once the site is ready.
    My e-mail: [email protected]

  63. Loring Avatar

    Anytime you are playing against the house as in Blackjack, roulette, etc., you will lose if you play long enough. The odds are what they are and systems, i.e Martingale, split martingale, double martingale or whatever you chose to call your particular betting progression do not change the odds of winning. The only betting game where odds do not apply in this sense is Poker and I prefer the “Texas Hold’em” variety. However in poker you had better be a ‘hard read’ and a ‘good reader’ and if you don’t understand those terms, don’t play, you’ll save a lot of money

  64. Emil Avatar


    The gambling website I mentioned in my previous post is finally live.

    It still needs some improvements, though 🙂


  65. bob rothman Avatar
    bob rothman

    so you said you wanted to be a rapper,hows that going?

  66. Emily W Avatar
    Emily W

    Do you give speeches? I’m am organizing a Leadership Camp for FFA students in Arizona and our theme is Las Vegas, Betting it All. Let me know.

  67. Neil R. Avatar
    Neil R.

    Dude, this is bullshit. Sorry. You’re story reeks, and you obviously are holding back some of the truth. I started reading you after your post on Reddit, and am a fan of Life Nomadic, and most of your posts. But to say that you mastered the Martingale System is a bold-faced lie. Numerous people have tried to simplify the system that you “supposedly” mastered, and everyone would like to see how you made up for Maringale’s inherent flaws. By stating that you know the answer, but refusing to show, you insult progression, and welcome yourself to open criticism for your claims. There is no reason to hold back, as it will not affect your profits, especially playing online, as you claim you do. Let’s see the magic, Tynan.

  68. Tynan Avatar

    I did not master the Martingale system, and never said I did. Doing such a thing is not possible.

    I got lucky and ran $1000 up to $10k with a friend in Martingale. My half of that money and the obsession with gambling that came with the run started me towards professional gambling.

    I won’t say what I did.

  69. Anthony Avatar

    Good on you tynan … i would love to do what you did and make money from gambling but i dont have the balls. but fair play you took the risk and it payed off im happy for you

  70. Haywood Jablomi Avatar
    Haywood Jablomi

    You lie for money

  71. Paul Avatar

    You leave douchey comments on blogs of people much more interesting than you.

  72. mr. smith Avatar
    mr. smith

    I tried the martingale system up to casino table limits, I made a lot of money, getting lucky, then hit a bad streak and gave it all back. I then tried to tweak the system and not leave myself so vulnerable to bad luck taking all my winnings. i played different games, casino war, black jack, baccarat, etc. I think best odds are in baccarat so i have been using my new and improved system in baccarat only. My system includes multiple betting strategies including, martingale, positive progression and hedging. in this system i take my bets to a much higher increment of bets assuming i have a winning streak. Your profits and losses can vary from day to day. I don’t have unlimited funds, i do have a family to think of, so i don’t play often and don’t have a good understanding of the potential profit i can make. So i started to think of getting investors to put anywhere from $10 to $1,000. i have a lot of friends that are interested and pledged to invest. If we pool our money together we can do some have a chance of winning if i know no one gets hurt since no one is putting a lot of money. If anyone is interested in investing please email me at [email protected]

    Remember we are gambling only invest what you can afford to loose.

  73. DUCY? Avatar

    I can’t believe there are people out there who think Martingaling is a strategy that will yield a positive expectation over the long run. Hate to burst anyones bubble, but the Martingale system is -EV and you will lose money playing it. Back in the day you could bonus-whore the online casinos playing games where the house has a slight edge and the bonus would give you a positive expectation, but those days are long gone and they won’t be coming back.

    You can sometimes have an edge in blackjack, however most people will never have an edge and those who do will have a very tiny one. Sports betting offers greater edges than blackjack but long term you’ll likely only have a 5%-10% edge if you’re good at it. The best way to make money in gambling is via poker, however most people are far too results-oriented and emotionally unstable to cope with the swings associated with the game.

    Playing poker for income is a very stressful job especially now that there is so much information available and people have gotten so much better at the game. Anyone who thinks you just click buttons and print money is dead wrong.

  74. patrick Avatar

    My guess is that Tynan probably used sign up bonuses in order to gain a positive EV. He would keep creating new accounts, playing until the sign up bonus was depositable in his cash account and then close up for the day. Maybe do 2 or 3 accounts a day or more. That’s my guess. Unfortunately, these days it is much harder to do this then it used to be because casinos have started employing countermeasures. Just as card counters had their day in the sun and then got cracked down on, so did gamblers like Tynan. It’s probably still possible to do what tynan did, however you will be spending a lot of time outwitting casinos and avoiding detection, just as card counters do now a days. It’s probably still possible to be profitable doing so, but the amount you will get per hour spent outsmarting casinos is probably so small that your time is more valuable in most other jobs. Plus most other jobs don’t have the potential threat of being shut down by either smart casinos or law enforcement (I’m not saying this is illegal now. I am saying that out of all the potential money-making activities out there, this is one that law enforcement would look closely at). I’d guess that the time for this has passed and people would be better off finding something else to do to make money. If you still want to gamble, count cards at blackjack, it’s a proven method. Or play poker, because you’re not playing against the house. Then you just have to outsmart the other players. The online bonus gig is up. Probably too much trouble to be worth it anymore, and the casinos are going to make it even harder to make money that way if it’s at all possible for them to do so. If you’re going to spend that kind of time, you could just as easily master a sales job or a trading system or something else which is worth a lot of money as well.

  75. kotala Avatar

    nice page

  76. Koverad Avatar

    I won’t ask how to win money… but how avoid getting banned if you keep on winning money?

  77. MARK ROUSSEAU Avatar


  78. Jasper Avatar


    Interesting read. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

    I don’t doubt the credibility of what you say, particularly since you know the Martingale system is ultimately flawed.

    I would be interested to know, however, whether if any of your professional gambling exploits have been on land based casinos? Both of the books you mentioned involve APs exploiting land based casinos.

    Finally if you enjoyed those two books, I would also recommend Repeat Until Rich by Josh Axelraad. It’s a great read.

    Best Regards


  79. Emil Avatar

    Update: The site I was talking about earlier has been moved to

    The site is about matched betting, which is similar to bonus whoring, but still profitable today.

  80. MONASSER Avatar

    Can you do this on real casinos?

  81. Andy Avatar

    Are you people all sick? The guy who wrote this has zero idea. His martingale system is seriously flawed. The longer you play you will run into streaks of losing 10 or more consecutive bets. Either you will run out of money or come across the casino’s maximum bet. All the $1 bets who won will be lost in one go. How stupid are you people!! Kindergarten stuff. I love a punt and we all have a strategy, but there is no winning strategy. Over time, the house will ALWAYS win!!! Trust me.

  82. Jawaid Avatar

    dude are you serious!?!? the martingale system ALONE is flawed. BUT blackjack takes considerable skill and utilizing the laws of probability when playing and betting. yes everybody is right, there is no surest system to beat the house. the house will always have the advantage. as a true professional gambler we need to accept that reality. BUT the only thing we can control is how much we bet and when to bet it. the only system that works is probability oh and believe me it takes a whole lot of mental power to focus on the cards(i am not talking about card counting, which is also a useless system). my way of gambling is not to fall into a martingale impulse because we will surely lose.

  83. kevin Avatar

    This: “Aug 24th, 2011 @ 5:28 am
    Are you people all sick? The guy who wrote this has zero idea. His martingale system is seriously flawed. The longer you play you will run into streaks of losing 10 or more consecutive bets. Either you will run out of money or come across the casino’s maximum bet. All the $1 bets who won will be lost in one go. How stupid are you people!! Kindergarten stuff. I love a punt and we all have a strategy, but there is no winning strategy. Over time, the house will ALWAYS win!!! Trust me.”

    I agree although there is some strategies that work with a hit and run approach -eg no longer than about 40 m inutes. I am in the throws of perfecting a system which hasmade me 490 pounds in the last 3 days with only one close major loss ( but it won) developed over 1117 spins ( decisions)on the roulette wheel. I have yet to see it lose more than 5 in a row but I guess there is always a first time

  84. mr.raccoon Avatar

    Well my friendly people. The case is.. Scamming people. In poker world they start takeing bucks for young and stupid players who just throw their money. They have there own groups with rules, maybe play together against someone or what ever. I guess before poker they did some things to get people in their so called business.. they didnt risk their own money, but if won they won free. Thats my point of “box” view. Hope you got the idea, sorry for bad english… Dont be foolish people, you start you need to start as a best and very concentrated and smart.
    You cant just learn to play a game and win everyone.
    Good luck!

  85. Rogerrichard Avatar

    You have managed & compiled really unique & real information. It’s really very helpful for us. You’ve made some great points and it’s written really well.


  86. Mike D Avatar
    Mike D

    I don’t know Tynan, but I do know several professional gamblers who make a great living here in Las Vegas and online.

    Yes it is the small few, but that it because although there are huge mathematical advantages pros can take advantage of it doesn’t mean their human nature of not following the plan will kick in. That is the main reason even the savant math wiz can’t successfully win over time. The one’s I know and have met who net millions a year gambling are the ones who can stick to a mathematical plan no matter what happens.

    There is also a sports betting website which uses insane mathematical strategy, but hides it from its members so they simply can’t make the wrong choice and are forced to stick to the plan. I have heard of several big money making pros flocking to because they are making big money consistently with this methodology.

  87. Baltimore Jones Avatar
    Baltimore Jones

    So there are three possibilities here:

    1) He was playing poker, which you can actually have an edge at since it’s against other people and not the house. There was substantial money to be made from the early-late ’00s even with a fairly basic level of skill. It got harder over the years though, and now you have to be really good just to grind out a moderate salary at online poker (and I’m not sure it’s even possible in the U.S. anymore). Throw me with my current knowledge and skill back to 2002 to play online poker and I would make over a million dollars a year, no exaggeration.

    2) He’s really good at analyzing sports and was able to make good bets on that. Extremely unlikely, but again easier 10 years ago IF he had complex proprietary computer simulations and figured things out that have only become common knowledge more recently.

    3) He was a scammer. That’s what actually happened, because otherwise he would just come right out and say he played poker. Online casinos used to give big bonuses both for signing up and also weekly/randomly/monthly. If you played games that have a minimal casino edge and only played the minimum required to “clear” the bonus requirements (you were required to play a certain amount before they’d let you withdraw), you could be expected to make a tidy profit in many cases (this can be easily figured out mathematically). Again, if I could go back to 2002-2006 and play online casinos I could make a good amount of money. Over $10K in easy added income a year for sure, I don’t really know what the ceiling was if you were doing it legitimately. But to make the type of money he’s talking about, he was scamming.

    What he probably did was constantly, fraudulently sign up for “new” casino accounts in order to get the large sign-up bonuses. Use friend/relative names, use fake names, open up new bank accounts, etc. For each new identity it was likely possible to make at least $10K in start-up bonuses alone in the first couple of weeks, plus the frequent weekly/monthly bonuses.

    There are additional possibilities such as becoming an affiliate of the casinos, referring people, etc., but his main way of making money was almost certainly scamming.

  88. johnw4046 Avatar

    I MAKE £5000 A MONTH

  89. isomorphismes Avatar

    Apparently the St Petersburg argument is alive and well.

  90. mojo_tony Avatar

    The phrases ‘professional gambler’ and ‘martingale system’ do not belong in the same sentence. I should know, I am a real professional gambler. Idiot.

  91. Lucky Days softw Avatar
    Lucky Days softw

    Interesting path you led! I’m quite a bit older than you and have been gambling since I was 16 years old.

    I have only personally known a handful of “successful” gamblers, i.e. well ahead, covering all their years.

    I have studied, roulette, blackjack, card-counting, horses, stock markets and similar concepts for years. I would just like to tell you where my studies led to ultimately: astrology.

    Believe it or not (I definitely did not at one stage) one can take advantage of fortunate planetary alignments to one’s own birth chart to win money. Consistently, year after year.

    I know this sounds like clap-trap to those who have not studied it, but all I can say after following it for two decades now and winning money using it, is that it works.

    I can offer both you and/or your readers a free evaluation of my methods. Simply Google lucky days, and you’ll find the site near the top of page 1. The reason it is there and has been there for over a decade is because it is probably the best method known so far to take advantage of lucky days.

    The site offers a free 3-month report where gamblers can try out their lucky days and make their own observations. I’m not forcing anyone to gamble, simply monitor what happens on your own lucky days and decide for yourselves.

    Thanks for a great and balanced article.



    luckdays dot tv

  92. freddy22121 Avatar

    I use a similar strategy to the martingale and it has worked well for me however I play games where the odds are more even

  93. Paridah Avatar

    I want some money.because i want to repair my old hause

  94. Civon Avatar

    I believe you man, am in that stage you passed just that am not willingly to drop out from school, it will be very hard for people to believe your story except those that have similar interest as you do. Won $20,000 with just $200 within four days on roulette but I was too greedy that I lost it all on blackjack. I want to be a professional gambler too. Am 22 yrs old anyways and am looking forward to having $500,000 before am 24

  95. Bryninja Avatar

    “Tynan, if you took a second and actually added up how much you won and lost, you’d find out that you were actually losing.”

    I think she might have been meaning – losing time with friends and family

  96. EmDub Avatar

    Wait.. ✋️ So in 1985 you made a hundo a day delivering pizza? Gtfo lol now the COL is up and pizza gigs pay less than they did 40 years ago?! Crazy 🤪

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