How I Became a Famous Pickup Artist : Part 4

This is part of a continuing series. Before reading this, read parts : 1, 2, and 3.

In Texas we have deer like other states have squirrels. Yes, everything really is bigger in Texas. I had lived in Texas for 9 years or so, and had never once hit one. Most people have at least one deer-collision story, so I considered myself lucky. I left my house in Austin late on December 31, and hit two deer at the same time as I left the city. Was that an omen?

My car was so crammed with stuff that I probably couldn’t have fit a toaster in it, unless I wanted it on my lap. I had a long drive ahead of me, but was so excited that my thoughts over a background of road noise kept me entertained.

When I reached Tucson I visited J-Dog. He was one of the cool community guys I met in Chicago. He offered me a place to sleep, but I couldn’t. Instead I lay there thinking about what adventures were ahead of me. A couple hours after arriving I continued towards LA.

When I finally reached LA I had driven for 24 hours out of the past 27 hours, not actually sleeping once. I was told to exit La Cienega, but I knew we were living on Sunset, so I exited there. What was I getting myself into? Sunset didn’t look as glamorous as it had been described to me. In fact, it looked run down and dirty. I pushed through the traffic, slowly uncovering another few hundred feet of the street at a time.

As I continued West the cheap motels and nondescript storefronts transformed into expensive restaurants and impressive hotels. This was more like it. Finally, I saw our street. It was directly off of Sunset right in the middle of all the action.

As soon as I turned on to our street, I saw our house. It really was right on Sunset. I eagerly parked and run to the front door.

When I rang the doorbell, Style answered the door. He was wearing an orange sweatshirt and was a lot smaller than I expected him to be. This effect was compounded by the fact that he was surrounded by huge piles of boxes – the only furnishings in the cavernous living room.

He welcomed me in, introduced himself, and gave me a tour of the place. It was amazing. The rooms were huge, impressive, and just brimming with potential. But the real jewel was the backyard. It featured an enormous hot tub which wasn’t working at the time, a bean shaped pool, an outdoor kitchen/bar, and steps which led to a landing that overlooked the whole city. Despite being hard to believe that this was my new home, I instantly knew that I had made the right choice.

Style was quiet as he unpacked his boxes. I carried my stuff into my room, even though I had no furniture to put it on. Finally 2am came around and the rest of the pickup artists returned home.

Everyone was there – Mystery, Papa, Tyler, 26, Sickboy, and others. The living room represented the top 8 pickup artists in the world and one guy eager to learn from them all – me. One of the most memorable moments in my life was later that night when the guests had gone to sleep. Mystery, Style, Papa, and myself – the four residents of the mansion – all gathered in our barren living room. We collectively gazed up at the twenty foot ceiling, over to the sunken bar, and at each other.

“Well… we did it,” someone said.

There was the collective feeling that we had beaten the system. Our ages ranged from early twenties to early thirties, and none of us felt like we belonged here. After all, this was the house lived in by Dean Martin and later, Eddie Griffin. We were four punks, none of whom had a 9-5 job, but we were about to live like kings.

The house became the backdrop for some of the craziest experiences in my life. Mystery and I became close friends and competed over everything. Hardly a day passed that we didn’t bet on something (Mystery, you still owe me $2mil – don’t think I forgot!). Style and I became good friends as well, although he was often busy writing. Tyler, the first impressive pickup artist I ever saw, hung out from time to time and became friends too.

There’s so much more I could write about living in Project Hollywood, and I’m sure I’ll get to some of those stories in time. Style, however, is a much better writer than I am. He wrote the New York Times bestseller, The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists. I’m one of the main characters in the book (“Herbal”), and lot of the second half is about me. It’s my favorite book and definitely worth reading! In it is the story of Mystery and I teaching workshops, me stealing his girlfriend (twice….), Courtney Love moving in, my second attempt at going polyphasic, and a bunch of other great stories.






25 responses to “How I Became a Famous Pickup Artist : Part 4”

  1. Jake Avatar

    I defenitly reccomend the book, its a great read.

  2. J DOT Avatar
    J DOT

    I really would lvoe to hear more stories about you adventures in the game like your story instead of styles. I really enjoyed the book too. It perceived you as a jerk to which was kinda mean. Anyway I really enjoy your site and read it twice a day. Haha Whats your PUA status now do you have a g/f or your just playin the feild

  3. Administrator Avatar

    Thanks, JDot… glad you enjoy the site! Right now I’m basically out of the game, focusing on other things. However, TD is going to be coming out here for a week soon to get me back in shape.

    I’ll definitely be writing more stories from my time in the field, as well as Project Hollywood stories. I needed to write out these first, though, to give people perspective. Take care!

  4. The Reel Deal Avatar
    The Reel Deal

    I could only imagine what it was like, esp. now seeing your personality, what it could’ve been like that first day at ProHo for you. Your friend, Hayden, told me once you had some great stories to tell in addition, and updated, to Style’s version. I’ll look forward to hearing them. Keep up the blog; I really enjoy your stories (have you considered writing a screen play yet?)

  5. Stewen Wright Avatar
    Stewen Wright

    Jeah PU storys are the best 🙂 Funny thing is, I am also kinda OUT of the game. Im planning a comeback but…why is this happening? Are we just fed up whit something that at a point in time completly consumed our mind and lives?
    To all other readers: do learn pickup. It is the best set of skills I haver ever learned. It aint about how get the girls, but how to be a better man.

  6. Tribulus Avatar

    Ok quick question, is Extramask in the book “26” (or the two-dash-six)?
    The EM=26 theory has been floated for a time. Do you know?

  7. Requiem_knight Avatar

    I’m tellin ya it is him!
    That was his comdedic stage name, Style mentioned he was aa virgin til 26, always commented that he was funny, upbeat, and positive, and at the very end of the book alluded to the fact that he was reading up on Buddhism…which 26 did do and went off for a while to study it. Sheesh, if it’s anyone else, it must be his twin, DR. DRAKE 26.


  8. Tynan Avatar

    Requiem Knight is right. 26 is Extramask.

  9. Tribulus Avatar

    Ok I just needed to check, sorry for not believing my friend, The RQK.
    But now I feel encouraged. If that guy can do this, I can also.
    Ain’t life grand!
    Which do you prefer Thug luvin or Gansta luvin?

  10. Bill Riddell Avatar
    Bill Riddell

    Hey Tynan, was great to read some more on Project Hollywood. Look forward to more tales.
    Neil/Style’s “The Game” was a brilliant read, I read it in under a day and would recomend it to any guy. In fact as soon as I finish two books I’m reading at the moment, I’ll re-read it.

  11. gromky Avatar

    Wow…I knew this PUA thing happened, but wrote it off to massive ego-stroking amongst the top people. Yaknow, people get really full of themselves sometimes…cashing in, etc. I was pretty active in this stuff a few years ago…it helped tremendously. I’m essentially at the point at which I don’t need PUA training any more, because I can get most of the girls that I want (moving to Asia will do it to you). Interesting to read this one from the inside.

  12. Psyneh Avatar

    VERY interessting life story! =)

  13. Gundog Avatar

    Dude, it’s quality hearing your perspective of living at Project Hollywood. Did you ever think your experience as detailed in Style’s book would become so legendary?

    P.S Where was Playboy? I thot he was the fifth housemate.

  14. Cara Avatar

    Dude, how old were you when you did this whole move to LA thing and how old are you now? I know it’s a personal question but just wondering?

  15. Administrator Avatar

    I’m 25 now. I was 22 or 23 back then…

  16. Hanna Avatar

    WOW. I can’t believe I just read the whole thing. You are certainly one interesting person. Good luck with your life. Not that you need it… haha

  17. boat Avatar

    wanna know more man

  18. kell Avatar

    hey, what do u do once you’ve picked them up though?
    doesn’t sleeping around or just getting people’s nmbers for no further contact start to get boring eventually..

  19. Tynan Avatar

    Have relationships or whatever you want?


  20. charmin Avatar

    got a quick question for ya, is the book portrayal of tyler really true? style admit that he was a little harsh with tyler in the book, but im just wondering if tyler really did manipulate the house against mystery and style.

  21. Kate Avatar

    just finished the game
    i agree it is a good read

  22. Nolan Avatar

    Do you follow the mytery method? or do you go by the stuff that Real Social Dynamics teaches? I’ve read both, and i gotta say RSD is waaay better. Well as far as being real goes.

  23. Emanuel Matos Avatar
    Emanuel Matos

    Hi T.
    I’ve been reading some of the contents on your blog, but only today I got time to read ’bout your PUA story.
    It’s great to have more context to the whole Project Hollywood thing, I read Style’s book and yours too, but now after starting to read your blog I finally get that you’re normal guys and not superheroes as I imagined.

    I don’t plan on becoming a PUA but I’m willing to learn from it, and my perspective on life is much alike yours, I wanna travel the world and be open to adventures, oh and I love hiphop also, so it’s been fun to read.

    If you ever come to Portugal please let me know!

  24. Brian Avatar

    Ha! Nice… My family lives in Wisconsin, I live in Florida..

    They have deers, we actually have dogs with antler but seeing one is as likely as seeing a jackalope. My aunt lives in the middle of no where and she has never once hit a deer.

    Though on I think two or three occasions she was the one hit by a deer. So Tynan, aside from hitting a deer has a deer ever hit you?

  25. WanderMan Avatar

    Tynan, I really enjoyed reading this post. The Game is my favorite book too, but I always felt it was a bit biased by Neil Strauss’s obvious dislike of Tyler and RSD (After all Neil’s company Stylife is in direct competetion with RSD)

    Reading about the events from your perspective is fascinating.

    It reminds me of reading about the Merry Pranksters party with the Hells Angels from 2 perspectives (first Hunter S Thompson’s in Hell Angel’s then re-told from the Merry Pranksters perspective in Electric Kool Aid Acid Test)

    I encourage you to write more about Project Hollywood.

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