7 Goals for 2006

Here are my New Year’s Resolution / goals for 2006. Keep me accountable and see if I reach them all (I bet I will)

  1. Become FULLY polyphasic– I’m working hard on this one and am almost there
  2. Gain 15 lb of lean muscle – This will leave me at 160lb and around 8% body fat. To achieve this one I’m going to sign up for SwoleCat’s program. He comes highly recommended and doesn’t advise eating processed foods. As before I will have a strict diet and exercise plan.
  3. Make a million dollars by my birthday this year – I don’t have a lot of time to do this (just a few months), but it has been my goal for many years to make $1mil before I turn 25. This applies to my net worth so if I can create some valuable business by then, it will count. I have started this blog, which I hope will start generating some revenue. I have also started selling ebooks. My first is called The Skinny Snob and is a very high quality diet book. For future books I am working with some very talented friends in California. I have a few other business ideas that I will write about as I begin doing them.
  4. Become a relatively well known rapper – This might surprise some readers, but I am a rapper. Several years ago I got into rap and resolved to practice it every day. At first I couldn’t rhyme two lines together, but now I can freestyle and write decent songs. DZK is quite possibly the best rapper I’ve ever heard, and he has helped me hone my skills as well. I also go to Krunkeoke, which is rap karaoke, every Wednesday to practice my delivery and stage presence.
  5. Find and date one incredible girl OR date several great girls – For this one I’m going to have to stop working all the time and find some social activities I enjoy besides going out at night. I’d like to do yoga again, so I think that will be a good start. Also Tyler from Real Social Dynamics is going to be workshopping me later this year.
  6. Enlarge my social circle – Over the past couple years a lot of friends have moved away, and I have moved away from my friends in Los Angeles. This leaves me with few but very high quality friends. I’d like to have more high quality friends. I don’t really have a plan of attack for this one – I think that if I take care of the others, this will fall into place.
  7. Do something REALLY nice for someone or a group of people– I don’t really do a lot of GREAT things for people, just an occasional good thing. This will probably come in the form of me finally starting Nice Day. More details on that in the future

I think these are pretty challenging yet realistic goals. It’s important to remember that I have much more time than the average person, thanks to my polyphasic sleep schedule.






4 responses to “7 Goals for 2006”

  1. Jeff Avatar

    Are you currently working out while polysleeping (well not while, but you get it)? Do you notice any negative effects on fat loss or gaining of muscle while polysleeping?

    Love your blog, you’ve got way more committment than I do!

  2. Scott Avatar

    Hello, I’m a prospective polyphasic sleeper,and I feel I’ve just learned something from yours and Steve Pavlina’s blog: what matters most in achieving polyphasic sleep is *why you want to do it*.

    You will fail if you want to do this to be cool, or if you just want to be able to tell your friends.. because those things aren’t important: you probably won’t impress them anyway. And even if you did, will that really improve *your* quality of life?

    You will also fail if you want to do this just to have more hours in the day to get things done, to write more code (or whatever it is you do), or to make more money. Because are those things really important? Will you really be happy? Will your quality of life *really* improve after you’ve gotten those things done? Will you really enjoy getting them done more so as a polyphasic sleeper than you would as a monophasic sleeper? What’s so wrong with getting them done at the rate of 16 hours activity per day rather than 21 hours activity per day? Either way it’s still 1 hour activity per waking hour, and that’s all were concious for, so the rate doesn’t really change as far as our perception goes.

    The real reason (I think) for anyone to do this should be for the reason Steve Pavlina did it: for the experience alone, as a life changing event. “Life changing events” and “experiences” are the types of things that can actually improve our quality of life. And aparently, our bodies (actually our sub-conciouses) know the difference.

    But can’t you just get a large enough alarm clock and wake up anyway? that’s all it is is waking up, right? Well, I’m sorry, but you are case in point that the answer is “no”.

    I’m not trying to be a downer here or to put you down or insult your efforts. Actually, I’m amazed by your determination and commitment, and having stuck with it for so long without making it all the way. That part is very impressive. I just think that you have the wrong motivation, and it could be the source of your difficulties.

    So what I’m saying is that our subconsciouses are very strong, and the sleep deprivation you experience when you try to start a polyphasic sleep cycle is a very strong influence on your subconscious. The only conscious control you have over sleep is (for the most part) the time you set the alarm for. And I think you’ve shown us how readily a sleeping (subconscious) person can turn it off.

    I realized this after reading your motivational letter to yourself, many posts back. It just seemed like you were really focused on impressing people.

    Now of course, I could be totally wrong here, so don’t get too mad at me 😉

  3. Will Avatar

    Now that the year is 5/6 over, how are you progressing on these goals? There’s still time!

  4. Administrator Avatar

    Honestly, I haven’t done very well on them. Two of them I’ve done, two more have progress, and the other 3 are nowhere near completion. However, I have reached several other goals that turned out to be more important than I thought. For example, eating vegan is more important than gaining weight (although my body fat is now below 8%). Some of the goals are still important to me, and I’m working on them, but for 2007 I will take a slightly different approach. Thanks for remembering this post and keeping me honest!


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