How To Earn $36.50 (or more) in Five Minutes

EDIT 9/28/15: Coinbase has now blocked me from doing this. Prior to offering it, a friend had emailed the CEO of Coinbase and got the go-ahead. A few weeks later a CSR told me that they were disabling referral bonuses for my account. I have paid out 100+ readers and will continue to pay out anyone I get a bonus for. I’m told that anyone who signed up before 9/28 will qualify. If you made your account before 9/28 and I did not pay you, please email me.

I hesitate posting stuff like this because I generally try to talk about stuff that might be useful long term, not just a quick short term boost. But I figure most readers could use a free $36.50, so it’s probably worth posting. And I’ll still post a real post later this week.

Coinbase is the premiere place to buy bitcoins. I’m a big believer in bitcoin and have bought through Coinbase myself. Right now they have a promotion where if someone buys $100 of bitcoins, the person who referred them gets $75. Sign up under my link, and I’ll split the $75 with you, so that we each get $37.50.

The service fee is 1%, which means that you’ll spend $101 to get $137.50. You can immediately cash back out to cash, or you can keep the bitcoin.

Once you buy the $100 and it arrives, send me an email and I’ll send you back $37.50. Total time should be around five minutes to get some free money and support this blog.

This works in the US, UK, and most of Europe. Coinbase is a huge US company that’s raised $100MM, so there’s no risk. You have to buy 100 in your currency (100 GBP, USD, EUR, etc).

Link to start is here:

And… once you’re signed up, you can make this same deal with your friends or family, so you could make more than $36.50.






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