New Book Release: Forever Nomad

It’s here! Once again I’ve forgotten to whet everyone’s appetite by constantly mentioning my book until the release day, but I’ve always been more into getting books out than marketing them. Starting today, you can buy my latest book, Forever Nomad.

The idea behind the book is that when I wrote Life Nomadic, my first travel book, I hadn’t quite figured out how to balance life and work. I was excited about the possibilities of travel and how accessible it is, but it took me many years to figure out how to integrate it with real life.

A lot of that work was to figure out a ton tips and tricks to make every aspect of the travel experience both effortless and affordable.

So this book is full of every single travel trick and hack I know, as well as ideas on how to integrate travel into a normal life, including lots of details on how I buy properties with my friends.

Maybe most exciting, it has guest chapters by Rolf Potts, Leo Babauta, Derek Sivers, and Todd Iceton (my original travel partner from Life Nomadic).

If you travel at all, or want to travel at all, you are definitely going to get a lot of value out of this book. It’s over 200 pages in print, which is longer than my normal books. I generally like to have short and easily-digestible books that you can read in one sitting, but there was too much to put into this one.

I suspect that this will be my last book for a while or ever, or at least my last non-fiction book, but you never know!


If you buy it and forward your receipt to [email protected] before March 30, I will send you a free PDF copy of Around The World in 15 Friends

I hope you love the book and thanks for the support!


Photo is me finishing up the book at Zhao Zhou in Budapest. The owner, Gabor, took a photo without me noticing…






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