Fed Up With Kevin Federline

So… what’s the best way to get famous? Clearly, piggypacking of someone else’s career. I mean, look at how Benzino dissed Eminem to get in the spotlight a couple years ago.

Kevin Federline has released an abortion of a song called “PopoZao”, which features idiotic choruses and a full twenty seconds of him actually rapping. If he wasn’t piggy backing off of Britney Spears, I’m pretty sure not a single person would listen to his song.

So, in an effort for me to become a famous rapper, I’m going to piggy back off of HIS “fame”. It’s a solid plan. I’ve written a song making fun of what a retard he is, particularly referencing a video that was released of him jamming out to his own song.

If you haven’t seen this cinematic triumph, check out below :

Ok, when you’re done wiping the feces off your screen, check out my lyrical assault : Fed Up With Kevin Federline







3 responses to “Fed Up With Kevin Federline”

  1. jlaix Avatar

    OH SNAP! Fuckin hilarious… that’s fire.

  2. Pentarix Avatar

    This guy makes me want to stab my eardrums. Nice retort!

  3. Michael Stewart Avatar
    Michael Stewart

    Black Tie is the realest.

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