Looking For a Coach? I’m Taking on Two More Clients

A little over a year ago a reader bought enough copies of Superhuman Social Skills to get a free one-hour coaching call. The call went well and I could tell that she was serious about making change. I hadn’t considered doing coaching on an ongoing basis, but she asked and offered me enough to make it worth my while, so I agreed.

Since then it’s been a really great arrangement. She’s made tremendous progress so far, I feel invested in her life and enjoy seeing the results of a little bit advice mixed with a lot of diligence and commitment to her goals on her part.

So I’m going to take on two more clients. A good candidate would be someone who has read a lot of my blog and resonates with my way of thinking and my approach to life and is willing to put in the work. I think I have the greatest ability to help with habits, social skills, and living an authentic and satisfying life. If you feel stuck or plateaued or constrained by options, this may be for you.

Here’s what my one current client has to say:

Because of my coaching sessions with Tynan, 2016 was the first year in about 3 years when I felt like things in key areas in my life were improving for the better.

Despite starting a profitable business in 2013, I wasn’t working up to my potential. Days would go by when I wouldn’t do any work at all, simply because I didn’t feel “motivated” to work. My health level and weight were stagnant, despite feeling like I was eating better and working out more. I remained about 80 pounds overweight. Not surprisingly, I had no dating life to speak of. I also hadn’t developed any close friendships, even though I had been living in the same city for 3 years.

Desperate to break these patterns and finally shake the malaise I had felt for my late 20s, I asked Tynan if we could start coaching calls together. I had read his blog for a year, and his posts about friendship, work and relationships were what I aspired to build in my own life. Rather than struggle with thought patterns and actions that weren’t getting me where I wanted to go, I was ready to leverage the expertise of someone who already had a strong handle on the areas I wanted to improve.

It was single handedly the best thing to happen last year.

Tynan helped identify my roadblocks surrounding work, and then put systems in place in track my progress. Because of his help with challenging limiting beliefs and diligent tracking, I’ve seen a 2x increase in my company’s monthly revenue.

I’m also down nearly 30 pounds since our calls started. Again, diligent tracking and not being able to b.s. my way out of working out or eating well were the keys. Not only was Tynan able to provide advice and access to resources that could help me work out more efficiently, knowing I had to report back to with my progress from the month also kept me accountable.

I also went on more dates in 2016 than I had in all previous years combined. Left to my own devices, I would have put dating off indefinitely out of fear of rejection, despite wanting to be in a relationship. Tynan was able to help me set realistic goals on how many dates I should try to go on each month. He also provided valuable feedback to make future dates better.

Could I have gotten myself on the same trajectory by myself? Perhaps. The past few years of trying hadn’t gotten me close, though. If you feel like you’re stuck in an area of your life, and you’d like to save yourself the pain of regret of having another year go by without getting closer to your goals, I’d highly recommend contacting Tynan for coaching.

My method of self improvement is slow and steady, but permanent. I don’t want to make your next month better, I want to make the rest of your life better, and give you a new high water mark upon which to build. That’s what I do in my own life. Because of this pace, you have to commit to six months of coaching. I’m not going to make you sign a contract, but please don’t sign up unless you have the intention of sticking with it.

I also ask that you only sign up if you are really ready to make some changes. I will motivate you and keep you accountable, but you’ll get the most out of my time if we can spend the bulk of our time analyzing what you’ve done and implementing changes.

The format is one call per month, plus an accountability spreadsheet that I will create for you and monitor. The price is $600 per month. I value my time and believe that in a year I can help you create gains that will be far more valuable than what you’ve spent.

If you’re interested, please email me with a little bit of background and the problems you’d like to solve. Amongst potential clients who I think are a good fit, I’ll accept people first come first serve. I don’t anticipate growing this as a business, so this may be the only time I take on new clients.

Get in touch by sending me a message here or by emailing my name at my name dot com


Photo is the chain bridge in Budapest

I feel a little uncomfortable having two posts in a row which are “commercial”. Next week won’t be!

The RV has sold! It feels good to be moving on to the next thing, but also a little bittersweet. I’ve talked a lot with the new owner and I feel really good about him taking care of the RV and hopefully improving on what I’ve done. He will be selling his RV, which you can see here. If you’re interested, email me and I’ll put you in touch.

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