Climbing a Construction Crane

Oooh how the ladies love alliteration! Really all I want to do is write about living in the RV, but every day I would just write “man! this is great!”, so I’ll write about something else. Anyway, I have very little power in the RV at the moment… I have to run the generator which uses a lot of gas. I bought an awesome solar panel that will provide me with non stop electron flow, but it doesn’t get installed for another week. Anyway – on with the story.

This happened a while back, but I never got around to posting it because I’m a jerk.

Todd, Jonah, and I were hanging out on the roof of the condo, admiring the skyline. The skyline these days is packed with construction cranes just begging to be climbed. That night we obliged.

Jonah didn’t want to do it, which worked out very well in the end. He got a bluetooth headset and watched for police and traffic while we walked towards the crane.

“Ok, the coast is clear,” todd heard through his earpiece.

Our casual meandering walk transformed into a sprint. We ran at the fence, climbed over it and ran through the shadows as we ducked. Lots of windows in Austin could see the construction site, so we figured it was best to spend as little time in the open as possible.

We took our time climbing up the ladder, confident that no one would spot us. Whenever cops drove by, Jonah would alert us and we’d stay still. We made it to the top, took some pictures, and headed back down undetected.






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  1. Andrew Avatar

    Tynan, love your blog, but can’t stand how there is only one story on the front page, and even then, I have to click to re-load the whole page with the complete story.

    It more than drives me crazy.


  2. Matt Avatar

    How high was that?

    A couple years ago, two friends and I climbed and abseiled the frame of an incomplete apartment building in midtown Atlanta at night. We used ropes and harnesses, though. (We go rock climbing together.)

  3. Sir Turj Avatar
    Sir Turj

    I’d guess about 250 feet/25 stories, based on the height of the surrounding buildings in the first picture.

    Awesome story. How long did it take to climb to the top?

    What sort of penalty do you think you would’ve faced had you been caught by the police? Is it just simple trespassing?

  4. Halobenzene Avatar


    I love your blog, simply because most posts
    I read elicits a ‘omg I gotta do that shit someday!!’

    And yes, this too is one of them ‘omg I gotta do that shit someday!!’ posts.

  5. Donovan Avatar

    Nicely done SIR!

  6. Tynan Avatar

    25 stories is probably about right… good guess. It didn’t take much time… maybe 25 minutes?

    I imagine we wouldn’t have faced any penalty. The few times I’ve been caught doing something like this I’ve been able to talk my way out of it. It helps that I don’t damage anything.

    Really I don’t care about the penalties, though. I’ve decided to do generally whatever I want to do regardless of penalty as long as I think it’s morally good.


  7. Glade Avatar


    Great Adventure!

    Can I make a request of a blog topic? A friend just sent me this story, and I would like to read your reaction.

  8. Chris Avatar

    How is going onto private property and climbing a construction crane “morally good”?

  9. Tynan Avatar

    I’d say it’s morally neutral. I don’t damage anything, and if I was hurt because it was a shoddy construction site, I wouldn’t sue them or allow anyone in my family to sue them.


  10. Todd Avatar

    Then again, if you died, you wouldn’t have a choice whether you allowed them or not.

  11. Tynan Avatar

    My parents have specific instructions regarding that.


  12. Augustine Avatar

    Tynan– I enjoy your posts immensely. I’d like to read more about your attempts to become polyphasic though! I’ve tried changing my sleep patterns many times, all with little success. I’d love to read a “Polyphasic for Couch Potatoes” along the same lines of “Working out for Wimps” to help those of us who wish to spend less time in dream-land.

  13. Tynan Avatar

    Glade –

    Those people are clearly idiots. No breast milk? Breast milk is incredibly important.

    That said, most vegans do NOT eat a good diet. Over reliance on soy is a big problem. Vegetarians live longer than meat eaters. They also live longer than vegans, but I’m confident that my diet is better than any other (no sugar / no flour / lots of vegetables / nuts).

    The most offensive thing is the article. One baby dies because of some idiot parents and everyone knows about it?



  14. Sir Turj Avatar
    Sir Turj

    Well, four babies actually, but maybe it’s good to get the word out that soy milk is not enough for a newborn.

  15. Todd Avatar

    Yum… four babies.

    ps: That other Todd wasn’t me.

  16. Kristen in Peru Avatar
    Kristen in Peru

    I miss you

  17. Lester Avatar

    Tynan you are awesome. Your site is so great I broke a wine bottle off in my ass today, just because I wanted to live life awesome. It was not awesome at all. It hurt, and was smelly.

  18. El Bo Avatar
    El Bo

    Got arrested and charged with 2nd degree criminal trespass (simple misdemeanor) for the same thing.

  19. El Bo Avatar
    El Bo

    I Got arrested and charged with 2nd degree criminal trespass (simple misdemeanor) for the same thing.

  20. ggh Avatar

    i’d love to meet all of you who think tynan is “awesome.” i think either you’re in high school, are unemployed, or live with your parents (or all three). tynan, remember some idiot is reading this and thinks its cool. his foot slips and he falls off a crane. dead. no suing, no instructions to his parents. dead. my first and last post. enjoy

  21. Brian Avatar

    Hey Tynan, just a quick FYI the links to the pictures are broken. It looks like there’s no slash after your base URL and the wp-content folder.

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