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In one of the comments someone asked what I plan on doing now that I’m done with gambling. It’s a good question, and one that I don’t totally have the answer for.

I feel like I’m a little bit behind, since it hit me so fast. Normally I would prefer to have a solid new plan in place before stopping one business, but that’s not how it always works.

My approach has been to get involved in a lot of different ventures, and to let time sort out which are worth doing and which aren’t. Actually, this post is more for me than you guys, just so I can take stock of where I’m at.

  • The Skinny Snob Diet Book : I wrote this book because of my excitement with eating healthy. It’s been selling for four months now, and is doing ok. I don’t make a lot of money with it, but it doesn’t take a lot of my time either. I think if I had a better sales page it could make a lot of money because the info is really good.
  • Better Than Your Boyfriend : This site is definitely my favorite project that I’m working on. That’s very fortunate because the money I make isn’t close to justifying the time I spend. As I continue to experiment with different ways of making money with it (ads, the casino link, donations), I’m confident I can find a way of generating income without compromising the quality of the site.
  • The TV Show : I’m working on a TV show with a friend in Boston (that’s where I’m originally from). Right now we are still developing the show, but my expectation and hope is that it will become my primary source of income at some point. Unfortunately I can’t really say much more about the show yet.
  • Mentoring / Life Coaching : I recently took on someone to mentor in business. This is another project that I really enjoy being involved in. I’ve always enjoyed working with other people and helping them, so it’s a natural fit. I will probably soon consider taking on more clients with this.
  • A Possible Web Business: I have two killer ideas for some online businesses. Unfortunately the technology is over my head, but I just met some very interesting and capable people here in Austin with experience in this sort of thing. I’m hoping they can give me some advice or possibly work with me on this one. If launched, I think it would be a huge moneymaker.

Well, it’s a start anyway. As you can see, my current position isn’t all that great, but there is a lot of room for expansion. My hope is that this site will grow like Steve Pavlina’s to the point of covering all my necessities, so that I can focus all my remaining energy and time on the TV show, mentoring, and the web businesses. I have good momentum, so I think it is going in that direction. My newest plan is to start targeting specific sites whose users I would probably like having here. is the next one, so I’m going to start writing some personal development articles with them in mind.

I think it will be really interesting to look back at this post in a year and be like, “Man… with all those plans, how did I ever become a male stripper?”



  1. Im really into web businesses, so much that im taking an online coding class so that I can code my own site. Although I never have had any good ideas for this sort of thing, im still facinated with making money on the internet.

    btw I use firefox and it works just fine for me. I suggest either making sure your firefox is upgraded to the latest version or just do a complete re install.

  2. You may not need to take a coding class before you start making websites. A lot of websites run on a CMS (content management system) or blog system that handles all the layout, logic, database, etc. With a CMS you can get a website running without any coding skills, but it will surely help to have a little knowledge of computers 🙂

    Better Than Your Boyfriend looks like its running on WordPress, which is a very popular and easy to use blog system. My main website ( also runs on WordPress.

    WordPress can be modified to work as a CMS, but you might also choose a real CMS system like e.g. Drupal.

  3. The class is located at The class teaches everything you need to know to create anything you want in php, mysql, html and varioous other things.

  4. OK so tomorrow is “one year later” right ? How does it feel, having become a male stripper ?


    1. It’s hard to remember exactly what they all were, 16 years later. The Skinny Snob book did ok and lead to me writing 5 or 6 other books which did well. Better Than Your Boyfriend later became this site and opened up a lot of opportunities for me. I did end up doing coaching (though about 10 years later), which was really good. The TV show never happened and I can’t remember what the businesses were.

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