Both Items Found!

Wow… I can’t believe you guys found both of the things I was looking for. I consider myself a fifth level black belt of finding stuff online, but I’ve been humbled.

Scott found the angle adapter here:

Cassius found the splitter thing here:

Mine was black, but those other colors are awesome! I love the black/red one.

To buy the black one in the US, go here: Splitter

It’s twice what I paid in Japan, but a great deal anyway. I love that thing.

Again… thanks a ton for finding these things for me!

P.S. Just to make this post worth reading for those who don’t care about these things – my best story EVER (in my opinion) will be posted by the end of the month. Better than the pool, tunnels, or any other popular ones. I can’t post it until the end of the month though… you’ll see why.


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