I’m heading out to Boston for a few days, starting today. What does that mean to you? It means that I’ll probably be lazy with updates because I just had to buy the world’s smallest laptop. It’s extremely portable, of course, but is also nearly impossible to type long posts on. Nevertheless, I’m going to try to finish one on the plane.

Actually, because instead of actually planning this trip I just randomly bought a plane ticket and told people I was coming a couple days before, I am stuck with very little to do. So if you are a fine young lady in the Boston area, e-mail me. Do it!






6 responses to “Boston”

  1. Magnus Avatar

    Boston sucks. What you need to do now is randomly get a ticket to Ibiza…

  2. Benny Avatar

    If you find that lady… take her to the Franklin Cafe on Shawmut.

  3. Jake Avatar

    Haha. She can take Herbal to Franklin Cafe, not the other way around. Lets be realistic here.

  4. Magnus Avatar

    btw, what’s the world’s smallest laptop? I’m looking at laptops at the moment.

  5. Stewen Wright Avatar
    Stewen Wright

    Same quaestion as magnus…. the smallest one? Id like it.

  6. Administrator Avatar

    It’s the Toshiba Libretto U105. There are smaller windows machines, but none in the traditional laptop form. After a couple weeks of practice the keyboard is actually pretty good. I can probably type 80-90% as fast as I can on a full size keyboard. If you get one, make sure to get the U105. The only difference between it and the U100 is that it has a very useful DVD/CD reader / writer. The best thing about it is that it has a high resolution 1280×768 screen, which is better than most 15″ and 17″ laptops.

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