Awesome Sites That You Don’t Know About

A while back someone asked me what sites I like to visit. I forgot to answer, so I’ll write a post about it.

Bobby Burgess’ Journal
This guy was ahead of his time. Back in 2000 he had a blog, and a killer one. In fact, he’s probably one of the reasons I write a blog. When you go to his site, hit archive, and start from the beginning. It starts off slow, but you will be unable to stop reading pretty soon. I’ve read every entry on the whole site. Later he turns into a druggie and his stories become much less frequent and less interesting, but even that transformation is worth reading.

Paul Clow’s Sole Goal and PhiMix
These two sites are lumped together because they’re similar. They’re both sites written by polynappers who also write about other interesting things. I wouldn’t have found out about either of these sites if they hadn’t written comments on my posts in the past. I check both of these every day.

This site is created by a Japanese flash programmer. The real gems are the Grow games. DO NOT CHEAT AND LOOK UP THE ANSWERS. Once you finish you will be wishing there were more grows to play. The order you play them in doesn’t really matter. I think the Cube one is the best. Some of the other games are fun too, like Tontie (Jonah and I used to be obsessed with this one).

Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools
I’m reluctant to mention this site because 50% of the posts are fairly useless. However, it’s worth mentioning just for the few products I’ve read about there and actually bought. I’m thinking about starting a similar feature here because I think I could do it better.

The Superficial
The Superficial is a celebrity gossip site. I don’t particularly care about celebrity gossip, but I check it every day because the writers are very funny. I haven’t been reading it for too long, so maybe it will lose its charm eventually.

I have a lot of other sites I visit frequently, but you’ve probably heard about most of them (fatwallet, tucker max, maddox, etc), so I’ll spare you the gory details.



  1. The Superficial sucks. It’s all about some of the better writers split from superficial a while ago and formed I Don’t Like You in That Way. Same format, but better material.

  2. Wow, thanks Tynan! The fact is is one of the best sites I’ve ever been too, which I read daily as well. Your articles were a source of entertainment during my polyphasic sleep transition which has kept me coming back ever since, keep up the great work and quality content!

  3. Dammit that Grow Cube game just sapped an hour of my morning.

    Fun though, and I like the animation at the end.

  4. ok, so after many wasted hours on grow cube, im still confused! is there actually a soultion? or am i just supposed to see what happens to everything?! help me out here!

  5. I personally prefer, (What Would Tyler Durden Do?) for my celebrity gossip.

    I really dig that Bobby Burgess site, I just plowed through his whole archive in like 3 days.

    The Cube confused the shit out of me at first, but basically you have like 10 different options (Bone through Fire) and you have to pick them in the right order in order to “Max” out all of them. If you notice when you are done with it after clicking all of them that it will give you the “lvl” of each thing, hopefully for you some will say “Max”. The ones that say “Max” were picked in the right order, the others weren’t. Make sure you have a pen and lots of paper to keep track of your clicking orders.

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