Arrested Development

I watch very little TV. Maybe 1-2 seasons of a show per year, and nothing outside that show. There is, however, one TV show that is so fantastically good that I’ve watched it all the way through more times than I can remember.

It’s Arrested Development.

This show was on Fox through 2006, when it was cancelled. This fact alone has taken away any faith I have in other humans. The show is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen. Sometimes I randomly start chuckling during the day because I’ve thought of a single line from the show.

Despite it being the funniest show in the land, it does take a few episodes to get into it. The magic is in the characters, so you have to get to know them. When I first heard about it I watched three episodes and then lost interest.

My brother assured me it was hilarious and that it was worth continuing. I did so and was then fully hooked.

I’d give you a little synopsis of the show, but it doesn’t actually matter. In some episodes the plot is almost nonexistent, and in others it’s totally off the rails. It has nothing to do with the hilarity of the show.

I tried to find some youtube clips as samples, but I think they got flagged and removed. Just trust me… stop S-ing around and get the DVDs or download it today.


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