A Serious Conversation with my Sister

[00:53] tynan: we’re going to see another tribe called the Kuna Indians
[00:53] tynan: they slaughter people if they sneeze!
[00:54] sister: WHA
[00:54] sister: T
[00:54] tynan: because it’s against their religion
[00:54] sister: WHAT
[00:54] sister: OOH MY GODDDD
[00:54] sister: i REALLY hope that you’re not allergic to anything there
[00:54] tynan: I doubt I am
[00:54] tynan: a dozen tourists get killed every year
[00:54] sister: what happens if a visitor sneezes
[00:54] sister: SHUT UP
[00:54] sister: are you lying????????
[00:54] tynan: but they’re on private property like the indian reservations
[00:54] tynan: so the government doesn’t do anything
[00:54] sister: tynan stop lying to me
[00:55] tynan: look it up
[00:55] sister: you’re serious?!!!!!!!!!!??
[00:55] tynan: yes
[00:55] sister: DONT GO
[00:55] tynan: It will be fine
[00:55] tynan: I haven’t sneezed once since getting here
[00:55] tynan: and they’d have to catch me
[00:55] tynan: if I have to sneeze I’ll just start running
[00:55] sister: man what happens if someone is sick
[00:56] sister: that sucks
[00:56] tynan: I’m just kidding
[00:56] tynan: hahahahaa
[00:56] sister: GOD DAMNIT TY
[00:56] sister: i’m on wiki right now


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