A Pickup Interview

Recently Donovan over at Attraction Chronicles interviewed me. People here are always asking me to post pickup related stuff, but I tend to stay away from it in general. So if you’re one of those people, you can read the interview.

It has a couple stories from the field, as well as some advice and back story on my involvement in the pickup community. Right now the most popular outgoing link from Donovan’s site is the link to my page, so if you are one of the people who found me from there, bookmark the site and check out my story about how I got into pickup. If you read The Game, then it’s basically a prequel to my part of the story.

I actually got an article out every single day this week, and I still have a couple left to publish I think. Also I’m going to Maine this weekend so I’ll be writing a few more stories while I’m on the plane. Have a great weekend and remember : only YOU can prevent monkey smuggling.



  1. Wow that was a great interview, I didnt know you matured to that level. I like you dude, but….get out on the sun, it wont kill you :)=

  2. what are you TALKING about!? Tynan needs no sun! he’s blacker than black. your eyes are obviously failing you…

  3. Hey Tynan, great to hang with you today. I’ve been all over your website for the last two and 1/2 hours. Pretty terrific stories and I’ve seen the chicks you walk in with. I’ve got a lot to learn. Thanks, Frank

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