Tynan (The Name)

Now that I’m #1 on Google for my name, I’ve been getting more people to the site searching for that. Many of them share my name, which is awesome.

My parents chose the name out of a name book randomly. They wanted me to have a name that had no previous associations with anyone else. It’s Irish, although I’m not Irish at all.

The dark side of having a unique name is that I missed out on a whole side of consumerism. I never had a little license plate or keychain with my name on it. Those were reserved for people with more common names.

One day in third grade a girl named Morgan Peck came into school carrying a thick book. I asked her about it and she told me that it was a name book. It had the meanings of everyone’s name. She showed me her name, which meant “Horse Princess” or something like that. We looked for my name, but I wasn’t hopeful. It was never included in those sorts of things.

This time it was. Tynan (Gaelic) : The Dark One.

Whoa. Either I’m evil or meant to rap. Who knows? I couldn’t believe my good fortune getting such a badass name. Who would possibly name their kid that? I assumed my parents had no idea what it meant, but I later found out that they did know and interpreted it as meaning “mysterious”.

The first time I encountered another Tynan was when I was a professional gambler. I got a reply back from a casino that said :

Before I answer your question, I have to let you know that my son’s name is Tynan. He thinks it’s the best name ever and has never met another Tynan before. Anyway, your withdrawal was processed…

I’ve still never met another Tynan in person, but a bunch of them have found my site, which is pretty awesome. Some day when I’m rich I will fly them all to Hawaii and we’ll have a Tynan party.

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