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Progress on my Campaigns

I'm always starting (and ending) new habits and campaigns. I tend to write about them when I first start or first see results, but I'm not always good at follow up. Sometimes, too, the progress isn't really exciting enough to warrant special mention. Today I thought that I'd follow up on all of those that I can think of (probably biased towards ones I didn't quit, since they're the ones on the front of my mind), and that maybe as a collection they would be interesting.

Working Out

I started working out on January 9th. Since then I've gained fourteen pounds, mostly muscle, and have increased all of my lifts by 50-100%. I haven't skipped a single workout (or even a set) while in San Francisco, but I was probably at about 50% in Japan and 80% in Austin. My diet adherence has been around 95% in SF, 25% in Japan, and 90% in Austin. The breaks in Austin and Japan were small variances to be social, and in Japan I decided to not worry about it.

I had planned to stop working out permanently at the beginning of the Japan trip, but I read that working out increases willpower, and the results have been fantastic, so I'm continuing indefinitely.

Spun-Up Chains of Thoughts


(Please pardon me if this one isn't entirely clear, for reasons that will be evident in a moment.)

I've been diligently practicing meditation recently. Where I would have missed days previously, lately I've meditated without fail before sleeping if I hadn't done it earlier. I do my end-of-day cooldown every day, even if I feel rather exhausted.

This end-of-day meditating is interesting, because it has me meditating in modes I previously wouldn't. I would've said, before, "I'm too tired right now..." -- maybe not consciously, but that would have been the subtext.

So tonight I'm having a very-tired-meditation.

And I noticed, sometimes thoughts spin up in entire chains linked together.

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