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So This is What a Real Job is Like

From my high horse of self employment, I have stepped into the mud to play with the employed commonfolk. I mentioned a couple times earlier that I was considering getting a real job, but I didn't want to get into details until it actually happened.

It happened.

Quitting gambling came abruptly, so I didn't have a solid backup plan in place. There's the ebook I wrote and this blog, but neither makes close to enough to constitute a living. For a few months I wandered, considering different options, but didn't find anything I love.

Quick Status Update

On Unique FC

Just as the article says:

A rough, unpolished version of the site is on the brink of going live. There is (was?? Fingers crossed!), one bug that kept cropping up: There was an error coming up when trying to edit the priority queue once the draft had started. As you can imagine, this is a bit of a deal-breaker.

Anyway, we think we have fixed it now. We'll do another round of testing tomorrow (or today rather, it's past midnight here Down-under) and if the Footballing Gods are in a happy mood, have a beta site up and running tomorrow. Hoping to disappoint plenty of wives and girlfriends this weekend...

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