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The 2014 Gear Post

For those of you who were linked here, or who are new to my blog this year, every year I write a gear post which contains every single item I travel with. Despite being minimal, the set of gear is fully functional, allowing me to be comfortable and productive everywhere from the tropical beaches of the Caribbean to the ski mountains of Tahoe.

This year I thought I'd start off by sharing some of the principles behind my gear selection. You can use these principles to guide your own gear search, or simply to evaluate whether my choices match your own needs.

The overriding priority in my search is functionality. I will always choose function over form, even if the difference in form is large and the difference in function is minor. I've simply found that my productivity is not improved when a device I use is prettier, and that my enjoyment of travel is not affected by the style of my clothing. This is why my clothes tend not to be from mainstream brands and why Apple products very rarely make it to my gear list.

Functionality may be my overriding priority, but size and weight are close. Unlike fashion, I have found that having a lighter pack allows me more flexibility and enjoyment. There's a huge difference between having to check in to a hotel to drop off luggage and being able to go straight from a train to a mountain to climb. I also really like stretching out layovers to be a half or full day instead of two hours, so having a light pack allows me to do whatever I want without having to find somewhere to leave my luggage.

OUYA Console Now on Sale

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The day has finally come. The OUYA console is real, and now on sale. The $100 Android-powered gaming console was once celebrated on Kickstarter, but now it's in stores. And, thankfully, you don't need to be a backer of the project to purchase it. The OUYA Storefront, Bestbuy, Target are all allowing orders to go through — for right now. Gamestop and Amazon are retail partners, but they're not allowing you to add them to your cart or out of stock.

All the US and Canadian stores list the OUYA at $99.99, while UK gamers can pick it up for the same price in pounds. Best

Buy, Target, and Gamestop have also committed to selling the OUYA at brick-and-mortar stores in the US, but I wouldn't head there at the crack of dawn to get one. There's no telling which stores will carry it, or how many will be available at launch.

OUYA Retailers

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