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The Upside to being Stubborn - Tynan

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The Running Bets

I like to bet. For those of you who have read the story about how I was a professional gambler, this is obvious. What I don't like to do is exercise. At one point in my life, these two activities joined to provide an interesting story.

I have a friend named Hayden. He likes to bet me. For a while we had a running string of bets, and I was down overall because I failed to get 10x his score in a Tony Hawk competition. At one point I was one of the top 10 Tony Hawk players in the world. That lasted for about 5 minutes until someone from Japan beat my score.

Hayden and I sat across from my kitchen table.

Week 1.5....A Chip off the Ole' Block?

On Hartford Chronicles

I made it! Yeah!!! Week 1.5!

It's been a whirlwind of fun, learning and stubbornness this week! No two days are ever the same and just when you think you've found a grove, it's doesn't quite work the next day...Tantrum child from day 1 has been great all week. Now I have tantrum child #2, only his tantrums aren't really tantrums, they are really just a stubborn removal of his participation based on a 9 year old's perception of fairness. I had no idea I had such stubborn children and have been pondering where all this came from.....and then, I thought back to a letter I wrote to my principal at the age of 9..................................................

4th grade elementary school. A food fight ensued in the cafeteria. Mashed potatoes, mini-franks, was everywhere. I probably participated at some juncture :). And, for some reason unknown to me, I was brought in to the principal's office to tattle on who started it.

Why me? I told them I didn't know ( but I did ). They must have know I was lying because I got detention! I was furious at the injustice! That night I wrote a long letter to the principal and deposited it into his inbox the next day. I stated in my letter that "I wasn't a rat and it wasn't fair to ask me to tattle on my classmates." It was a letter that got my mother called into his office!! I think she thought it was actually pretty funny. I was after all, the last of 6 children and by far the easiest yet. Right, mom?

So, remembering this and other defiant stubborn moments of my own childhood helped to put child #2's actions into perspective for me. He unfortunately missed out on a lot of fun, but I am happy to see him stand up for himself and stick to his guns when he feels he should. It's a primary reason for our decision to home school.

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