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Manish - Post 3

Overslept by one hour on my last nap. I got up to turn off the alarm and then sat back down on the bed for what I thought would be a one second breather...obviously not. Lesson learned, stay away from the bed, it will get you! I find it odd that I woke up naturally just one hour later considering how little sleep I've been getting. I'm not discouraged. I'm still on track, just a little hiccup.

Las Vegas Triathlon aka My First Olympic Triathlon

On GoJoGo

Whose idea was it to try this event?!? Oh yes, it was a bit of a Hobson's Choice in the end, given that the one we had all entered was cancelled and Becky and Andy already had their flights booked.

Here are some statistics about the 16th Annual Las Vegas Triathlon:

Unofficial Results

84 5/6 166 JOANNA GADD LOS GATOS 81 52:41 4:59.7 86 2:30:33.7 1:20.5 82 1:25:24.1 4:54:58.8

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