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Six Things I Love About Living in an RV

I was on the phone a couple days ago with my friend Hayden. After hearing about my plan to continue up to San Francisco, he predicted that within a year I would be living "somewhere posh". I doubt it. I really just love living in this RV, and can't imagine circumstances that would make me move out (famous last words). There are certainly upgrades I'd like to do (more solar, more batteries, more water capacity), but for now I have no inclination to move out.

Why do I love it so much? What makes me so willing to give up things like adequate floor space for a trash can? Here are six of my favorite things about living in an RV.

Moving becomes easy. As I skateboarded over to my favorite Ethiopian restaurant (Rahel on Fairfax), I realized that I am basically a Los Angeles resident. Not for tax purposes, of course, but I feel the same as when I lived here a few years ago. Visiting somewhere, complete with sightseeing, hotels, and rental cars, feels different than living somewhere. I may only plan on being here for a few weeks, but I feel like a resident.

Are you an introvert?

On Alan's Journey

I'm an introvert. I've been introverted for as long as I can remember, always preferring solitary activities, or activities with select friends or small groups. I never had any interest in attending parties, but often did because I was invited and it was 'the normal thing to do'.

But I hated it, found them boring and a complete waste of time.

After discovering only six years ago that I was an introvert and what that actually meant, I embraced the 'ownership' of it. I decided to be an introvert and be happy with it, rather than try to fit in with extroverted 'social obligations'.

I stopped going to parties filled with people I don't know, and just went to the smaller dinner parties where I knew most people there. I enjoyed time to myself, doing my own things, without feeling guilty about it because extroverts were telling me it wasn't 'normal'.

I also started breaking away from the extroverts in my life, choosing to avoid them instead of hanging around them. At least those who just made me uncomfortable with their judgements about what was and wasn't normal.

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