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I hadn't seen Mystery in half a year or so. Lots to catch up on.

"How have you been?"

"Great, you?"

Goodwill Hunting!!!

On Pictures of stuff in my life.

So one thing I like to do in my off time is cruise the local Goodwill's any thrift store really. I'm never sure what I am looking for until I find it. Usually I just look thru the CD's, video games, records stuff like that. Jackpot, I found this awesome record. This is easily one of my 10 favorite songs, the record isn't bad reached top 20 on the charts in 1985 (I think). Picked it up for 2 buck probably not worth much more, to me it's worth all the memories of me watching The Last Dragon. I entice you to watch it but don't watch it as you are now. Put yourself back to 1985 remember the 80's and how things were more about obscene color, hi-top fades, jean jackets and Members Only jackets. Then watch the movie I'm sure you will enjoy it.

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