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Trogdor the Ropefish Goes Crazy

A few months ago a friend of mine moved to Vegas. He had a really sweet fish tank that he couldn't take with him, so he gave it to me.

I got really into it, of course. The only problem was that the fish kept dying. Here's the graveyard :

1. The cutest little red fish in the world. He was this tiny shy red fish who would always hide. Finally after a month of having him he started to come out of hiding and swim around. To move anywhere he really had to get his tiny little fins moving. I went to Massachusetts to visit family and left the heater in the house set to 70 so that the fish wouldn't get too cold. I have a little heater in the tank, but I didn't trust it. Unfortunately there was a heat wave, and when I came back the poor little guy was dead.

Floating Fish

On Aliens in a Conference Room Talking About Earth

Today when I walked into my classroom I noticed our pet fish lying at the bottom of their tank. They were both still moving-ish as in a fin flicker here and there. Ultimately it was pretty clear that this was it for them. It was a terribly cold night and the water felt icy. I lifted the divider that had kept the two fish apart for three years. It was pointless that they should be separated now. As I pulled it out the two fish floated on top of each other. It was such an endearing understated spectacle. It was kind of nice knowing they didn't have to die alone.

Some songs:

Lost That Easy- Cold War Kids

Future Games- Fleetwood Mac


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