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Exploring Airman's Cave - Tynan

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The Infamous Ghetto Indoor Pool

So I'm trying to be a good little blogger and update this puppy every day. I've got two hours left before it's tomorrow and I don't have the picture I need to do the update I want, so we're going into the vault.

A couple years ago I put the biggest above ground pool I could find in my living room. The pictures were posted to a bunch of those link collecting sites and almost 7000 people saw the pictures the first day. Every year or so they are rediscovered and they get a ton of hits. However, I've never publicly told the story of the pool and why I did it. Avast!

One day my friend Crystal sends me an IM. Here's a dramatic rendition of the event :

why i like typing in lowercase

On The Elated Parrot

i walked by this sign in sf. i like it because the shadow shows up really well, arguably even better than the sign itself.

typing in lowercase is a strange thing. i've gone through many typing style phases in my lifetime, everything from 1337 hAx0R to CrAzY CaSe to saying "sup" and "u" and "ur". Most of my typing today is grammatically correct, standard American English. but this blog is different - i've decided to go lowercase.


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