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Who Rocks the House?

I rock the house. How do you like this enthusiasm? Enjoy it while it lasts, because 24 hours from now I will be hating life. Or maybe not!

I can't really describe how these naps are going. The whole time I feel like I'm not asleep and I'm trying to fall asleep. But I'll notice that my thoughts are totally bizarre. like this time I was thinking about how to beat a video game that doesn't actually exist. Occasionally I think "Man... I'm not falling asleep". And then the alarm goes off and I wake up and can't really tell if I was asleep or not.

Anyway, this is going to be the tough stretch, but I actually feel like I have plenty of energy. My sleep schedule for the past week has been pretty bizarre, so maybe that's helped me. Luckily I have a project to work on, so I'm not too bored.

Turning the corner

On minimalift

No weightlifting setup? Okay, use the limited equipment you have.

No training equipment? Fine, this is a perfect opportunity to improve on your bodyweight exercise.

Hip hurting? Great, this is a perfect opportunity to deepen your Somatics practice, get out of pain for free and improve all of your movement.

Injured, can't train? Wonderful, it's unlikely you're injured all over. There must be something that you can strengthen.

Seriously injured? Perfect, so many areas of study awaiting your attention.

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